Is it okay to refer to someone you don't like as an acquaintance?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
  • You can call people what ever you want.

    Given that it is not intentionally offensive, profane, or prejudice in any way. Friend, buddy, acquaintance, enemy, archnemesis, whatever the relation may be. I really see no problem with referring to anyone you may know as an acquaintance, so I really don't get the point of this question. I regularly refer to people I know as "acquaintances", because I like the ambiguity of the term.

  • Awkward social moment saver!

    Acquaintance is an excellent term to use for someone you don't like, even if the level that you know them is much higher than the word would imply! If you're stuck in a social moment where someone is asking if so-an-so is a friend of yours and they are most definitely not, it can be a lifesaver of a word.
    There's no need to pass on old grievances or personality clashes. There is no need to colour another person's perception of the 'acquaintance'. This word used in the context of someone you don't like allows you to maintain perceived distance from the person in question without a negative connotation.

  • If it meets the definition

    Yes. Only if they truly are an acquaintance.
    Acquaintance- 1.
    A person known to one, but usually not a close friend.
    As long as the person being referred to meets this definition than they may certainly be called an acquaintance. If the person does not meet the definition then they can be referred to as such.

  • more so than not

    I think its OK,in an indirect way,of course. If you don't really like someone,you probably don't really want to get to know them,and in time,you probably won't spend time with time,and won't GET to know them,and then they'll fizzle out to the acquaintance level,most likely. Hopefully,that is. But I can see that there could be a grey area on this one too.

  • It depends on how well you know the person.

    1. A person with whom one has been in contact but who is not a close friend
    2. Knowledge of a person or thing, esp when slight

    Either a person falls into the definition of an acquaintance or they don't. It's really simple. If you know the person well, just refer to that person as someone you know or someone you've met. "Acquaintance" is not a polite way of saying you don't like someone. An acquaintance is someone you have met but barely know. It seems unlikely you could dislike an acquaintance unless you're very quick to judge. Whatever the case, the word "acquaintance" has a specific meaning; and the meaning is not based on your like or dislike of a person.

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