• Yes and no.

    It really depends on what the research is for. If it is for a cure for AIDS or cancer, then I believe that research on mice is acceptable. If it is for an acne cream, or some non-essential treatment, then I am not so sure that this is a good idea. In general, I am going to say yes it is okay.

  • It is okay to research on mice

    It is within my personal opinion that utilizing mice as research subjects is more beneficial than harmful. While it is indeed a misfortune, I believe that there are a number of research tests that can only be conducted on living tissue. While these tests aren't painless, I believe using mice as subjects can give scientists better finishing results when their product is brought to consumer level.

  • Mice are living, feeling beings just like us.

    What makes you think that it is not okay to test on cats, but that it is okay to test on mice? Mice are kind, compassionate animals who would give up their own lives for others. Need proof?
    Mice and rats are the equals of everyone else, INCLUDING people, and also your dog. Just because people consider them "vermin" doesn't mean that they are useless/disposable. If you were a rat you'd understand how stupid it is. "oh, you're a rodent and you look ugly. Plus, we don't like you, so DIE!" Sound funny? Not so if you're in that same situation.

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