• Yes, unique people need unique treatment

    People should be free to seek out and receive treatment based on their specific conditions. However, that is not always the case. Some people cannot afford the doctor-prescribed treatments while others can't even afford the doctor visits. Others cannot take medication because of allergic reactions or preexisting conditions. For some people, self-medication is the only way to find relief from their symptoms. While self-medication is not an ideal situation, the reality is that treatment prescribed and managed by a doctor is not accessible to many, many people.

  • Yes, it is okay to self-medicate.

    Many people abuse prescription antibiotics. Sometimes this abuse can be accidental. Someone might just be a hypochondriac that goes to the doctor all the time. Unfortunately, using too many antibiotics can make them ineffective at treating illnesses. Therefore, it is good if people can learn to self-medicate instead of using prescriptions all the time. In short, yes, it is okay to self-medicate.

  • No, self-medication is dangerous.

    No, it is not okay to self-medicate. Whether a person legally obtains prescription medications or uses illegal substances, self-medication can cause serious injury or death. Recent celebrity deaths show how dangerous it is to self-medicate. Even consuming alcoholic beverages legally as a means of self-medication can result in death or injury to the user and others. An example is serious or fatal accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.

  • It is not okay to self medicate

    Addiction problems have mostly started in the past because people have tried to self medicate. They don't follow the doctor's instructions and take more than they should. This could lead a life-long dependency on drugs. Doctors go to school and study for long hours to be able to instruct people on how to take certain drugs.

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