• It will be vivid.

    If animals are used for entertainments, it will be vivid because if animals are used, people can film the animals hunt, rest etc. It also deliver the information easily, and it makes the watchers to concerntrate to the video. Also, it will be a chance to see animals hunt to everybody.

  • It is fine under circumstances

    I believe if an animal has talent to be part of films or tv related things then should be part of something bigger then them. I LOVE animals and would never want to be hurt or tortured, but I believe that many animal trainors who train animals for movies care for the animals and obviously don't abuse them. No body would use an animal for a movie that t]doesn't have the talent to act/follow instructions. So directors obviously pick properly.

  • As long as the animals are well treated AND enjoy it as well

    I think it's okay to use animals for entertainment IF: a) the animals are well treated, and b) the animals enjoy what they are being taught to perform. If they are forced to do tricks for people's amusement, and if there is any level of cruelty involved, then it's wrong and it shouldn't take place.

  • yes it okay to use animals for entertainment

    I think that it is okay to use animals for entertainment as long as you are not harming the animal and the animal is being well taken care of. The only entertainment should be positive entertainment because they do not have a voice to let you know what they like and do not like so it should be done for them.

  • Have you ever watched an animal involved film before?

    Well I have, how do they get an animal to go exactly by the script? There are specially trained people shot tortue or bribe animals into doing something. Animals should have freedom, how would you feel if you were the animal. Why do they need to use an animal to fill a roll of which technology or a cartoon. Most humans tortue animals which aren't domestic

  • In most cases, no, nope, nada, zip, zero

    In most cases animals are used in a bad source of entertainment. Elephants are chained every day of their lives in circuses and are forced to do strange tricks in front of a very noisy crowd. And very strangely donkeys are ridden on so that children are able to play basket ball on their backs. Some people have also been injured because of this. Animals need rights. I must admit that sometimes animals are treated fairly, like horse jumping competitions and dog agility competitions are fine but in other cases this is not always true. Thanks for listening, ~ Dapple

  • Animals used in entertainment

    No, I do not believe it is okay for animals to be used in entertainment. They are tortured for our entertainment which serves no purpose to us human. When they are done with the animals they are scared of humans. If the animals do not do what they are supposed to they will be punished.

  • Animals used in entertainment do not deserve to be abused for our enjoyment.

    Animals that are used in entertainment serve no purpose to humans. We learn nothing from them that cannot already be observed in their natural habitat, without them being harmed. These animals are tortured to the point that they fear when they do not perform a trick correctly, they will be severely punished.

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