• I, with hesitation, say yes

    If you know you have someone who knows very important information about a plan to kill a lot of people, and torture is a successful method in which to draw the information out, then I am for it. But only in a case such as this. It really is barbarism.

  • Yes, torture is okay.

    I definitely believe that there are instances where torture is okay. I think that some forms of torture are okay and actually effective when trying to get info from terrorists for example. I think that sometimes, torture is necessary to keep some people safe and make sure that another tragedy doesn't occur.

  • To save lives.

    Yes, it is okay to use torture if the person has done something really terrible. If they need to be tortured to pay the price for having murdered or raped someone that is acceptable. Also, maybe they will share information and that will help them from hurting someone else. It is for the greater good.

  • It is never ok

    All human beings have a basic human right not to have to fear the use of torture. Even in the rather controversial case of terrorist suspects we should abstain from using such technique s; it sets a dangerous precedent. Torture is never justified or even necessary in a modern society

  • No It Is Not

    The Geneva Conventions clearly state that torture should not be allowed and the United States agreed to those terms. For this reason and the fact that torture is inhumane, it is not okay to use it. Torture is something that should be left in the past, we should attempt to be more civilized.

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