Is it okay to violate certain rights in the name of national security in the War on Terror?

Asked by: Doucettej
  • Yes - The Patriot Act Says So.

    Some of the fundamental changes to Americans' legal rights our illustrious politicians, both republicans who originally passed it and democrats who extended it indefinitely after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks:

    Freedom of association: To assist terror investigation, the government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity.

    Freedom of information: The government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public-records requests. "Sensitive" information has been removed from government Web sites.

    Freedom of speech: The government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.

    Right to legal representation: The government may monitor conversations between attorneys and clients in federal prisons and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.

    Freedom from unreasonable searches: The government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

    Right to a speedy and public trial: The government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

    Right to liberty: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them. "Enemy combatants" have been held incommunicado and refused attorneys.

    I won't even get into the revisions allowing the use of drones anywhere in the world including INCONUS to kill people who are deemed (not convicted mind you) a terrorist.

  • No, this is not okay.

    The Patriot Act is a disgusting violation of our rights as American citizens. It directly violates the Constitution, and has some elements that are comparable to a police state. If we justify this much, then we leave the door open for even worse things in the future. The United States government is a monstrous entity that covets the right to do whatever it wants to anyone it wants, for any reason it wants.

  • Violating Rights is a crime.

    It is never ok to violate rights. Once the lines get fuzzy on this topic so do the lines of justice, humanity, and criminality. The only true purpose of the nation-state is to guarantee the rights that it codifies. Any action by a nation-state to crawfish on that guarantee should be viewed with maximum disdain, suspicion, and disgust. The people aspousing it should be swiftly and resolutely brought to heel. If anyone of those people are found to have acted on this impulse, then justice should be meted out swiftly to the full extent of severity allowed by law. If it isn't, tyranny will follow quickly.

  • Never is it right

    NSA spying on Americans is immoral and against the 4th amendment. The 4th amendment s there to protect every citizens personal belongings or conversations from others. It definitely can be implemented in the way of explaining, NO SPYING. Also, it hurts our global image. China and North Korea think of us bad. Also we have been spying on friends. For instance, we spied on the German PM. If you are going to spy on some one, spy on a place that we know has terrorist groups to figure out their plans.

  • NSA and violating rights does not work

    The NSA had access to the Boston marathon bombing information, but because it was overwhelmed with information, the information was not found until later. What use is spying if you get so much useless information it is impossible to sort out the important, lifesaving information? The government is here to help us, not harm us by taking control of our rights.

  • No. Absolutely Not.

    There are some rights that the people should be entitled to, regardless of this "War on Terror". The "War on Terror" does not have anything to do with the certain rights that we have. It has to do with how stupidly the US gov handles matters such as international politics.
    For example, why do you think 9/11 happened? Because the US was clumsy in its handling of the Zionism issue: we could have prevented it by handling politics better, not by putting people on martial laws.

  • (go to 2:14 in the video)

    That's me the Duce/the Fuhrer the doing the cruel laugh and Michael Glazer screaming in terror. Haha. Anyways in a country with the Klan? Hell yeah it's ok to violate rights.

    Just kidding... No it's never ok to violate anyone's rights. Anytime in war. It's never OK. It was not right to violate Iraq's rights in war.

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