Is it only women who believe that men should have no choice in abortion?

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  • NO. Me = Man.

    I'm a man, and I think women should be the sole person who makes the decision whether to keep the baby or not. Men should have no final choice in the matter. I can't even imagine the monster of a man who thinks it should be mandatory for a woman should go through pregnancy and birth just because he thinks she should. If a man thinks that way, they are truly a despicable person and perhaps should have their offspring aborted by law, since it would be a detriment and danger to a civil society for men to command women to bear their offspring.
    God help us all if men start to have some say in abortion.

  • It's her body

    I'm a male. I cannot get pregnant. A woman can. So, since she's the one who has to carry a baby for almost a year, deal with morning sickness and cramps, go through labor, and potentially die giving birth, she should have a choice. Men can get a woman pregnant and just run off, leaving the woman to take care of the kid. Since a man doesn't have to deal with the physical consequences of pregnancy, he shouldnt decide for the woman.

  • Most pro-choice men I've known think so too.

    And even many of the anti-choice ones. Since there is no way to give two people who disagree on abortion equal say, the choice should go to the party who would have the most to gain or lose- and that's the woman. She bears the physical brunt of pregnancy and birth, she most often raises the child.
    Most men I know think it's no one's business but a woman's what she chooses about abortion.

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