• Maybe, in the pessimistic future.

    I believe in peaks. Someday TVs will be like watching a live concert and become more affordable, part of an optimistic future. In the pessimistic future family values will be on extinction because of women's fashion, they becoming more fashionistic and lessen the family values by time and men will become wicked because of sexual temptation becoming worse. Fashion is the only art that will lead true happiness to extinction.

  • It will never be outdated to have family values

    The core building block of society is the family. Parents bringing up children who will become parents who will bring up children.

    As long as society exists, the only way it will continue to exist is with kids being born. The only way that we can ensure that they grow up to be productive members of society is through an understanding of this concept, and the support the family structure needs.

    If you can picture another way for this to work, I am open to ideas, but how else would you have a continuation of decent human beings?

  • Family values are receiving more respect, bigotry is becoming outdated

    I believe strongly in family values. Values like respecting other people's families, values like the strength of bonds within a family, and making it easier for people to form families and for families to support themselves.

    Far too often when people say 'family values' they are talking about being anti-gay. What is pro-family about hate? Homophobia tears families apart when parents disown their children or relatives stop speaking to each other on account of someone being LGBT.

    What is pro-family about denying people who love each other the right to get married? Or making it hard or impossible for LGBT people to adopt children who want a family? Leaving kids in foster care when they could have a permanent family is pro-family?

    Thank goodness Obergefell happened in the US. Sad that so many other places still deny equality under the law in the name of 'family values'. 'Family values' indeed.

  • The family unit is so very important.

    Family values are more important than ever. Liberalism has encouraged individuals to consider their own needs and entitlements. It encourages a culture where every one feels hard done by and who don't understand the need to input into something to get something out. I work in social care where the sense of entitlement has stiffiled people's ability to work with one another and to solve issues on their own. People often become frustrated because they can't have access to something when many times the family is the best placed to provide. Instead we have 'professionals' solving the issues for people and families all looking out for their own individual needs. Families have a lot to teach each other about support, resilience and how to tackle issues using a range of resources such as personalities to overcome challenges.Mfamiles often offer unconditional love and support in a way you'd never get through state controlled resources. Yes people care but never in a way a family can. Families teach you how to manage others personalities, how to love and give more of yourself to others. Families should provide a safe haven for exploration and expression. Unfortunately though the family has never been truly valued inspite each generation providing labour and resourses to their country. Society needs families and their values more than ever. We need to stop prescribing through state means how families should be and respect our differences whilst encouraging their growth.

  • No, family vaules play an important part of childrens' upbringing.

    No, family values will never go extinct. Every child is raised on a foundation of values and beliefs. Even with modern technology, kids have to have a foundation to build them self on. If anything, children need family values now more than ever before. With all the rising temptation in the world, kids need a first line of defense.

  • No, it's more needed than ever

    Family values may be unpopular in today's society, but that only means that they are more important than ever before. Family values are what hold society together. If family values crumble, so does society, so it's important for everyone to do their part in upholding traditional family values for the good of the community.

  • It keeps us going.

    No, it is not outdated to have family values in today's society, because family values are needed more than ever. Children need to be raised to work hard, obey the law, and have the right priorities. Without family values, this often does not happen. Family values are what people can depend on.

  • They will always be relevant

    Family values are more important than ever these days as they continue to fail to be the dominant mode of thought. Instilling family values ensure that quality people are growing up out of a household, even if they don't quite fit into the new age. These beacons of hope and endearment are very empowering.

  • no, absolutely not.

    Of course, family values is an abstract idea and the definition of it changes from family to family and person to person, but it is not outdated. Family is a good bubble from the rest of the world. It can and should be a happy place that you feel safe in when the world is collapsing all around you.

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