• Individuals have built civilizations throughout history.

    It is possible for a person to build a civilization. Alexander the Great did this and so did many other world leaders. Although many people are always involved -- such as military and civilians -- all of their actions are guided in the end by a single leader. We could use a modern leader like this again.

  • Happened a lot

    Yes, It is possible for a man to build a civilization, and it has happened a lot. A man with good speaking skills can convince people of his cause and get them to follow him to a new place and live as one people, look at the pilgrims in America.

  • One person can build a civilization.

    Of course one person can build a civilization, especially if they are charming and intelligent at the same time. We have seen this happen several times throughout history. Empires are usually started with one person's ideas. Or, at most, a handful of people. Whether good or evil, one person is very capable of building a civilization.

  • Many Games Allow This

    A single person can build a civilization in a game and there are many games available that allow a person to do just this. In reality however, I do not believe a single person can build a civilization and if they did so they would not live to see it as their ancestors would be the civilzation and not the sole intentity that started it.

  • No, it is not possible for a person to build a civilization.

    A civilization is much more than one person can accomplish. In order to have a civilization, a group of people have to come together and start developing a culture, a system of government, and an industry of some type. This is more than one person can possibly put into action. It takes many years to develop a civilization.

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