• A New Generation Could Transform It All

    Despite the corrupt regimes and sectarian violence that have marked African history in the twentieth century, the vast population of African youth can cast off their governmental shackles and transform things. Those in a relative position of privilege could use it to help those less fortunate, and redistribute its wealth.

  • Yes we are going to save the continent.

    It is possible. The old ways are not working and the older generation is too stuck in the past.But African youth have the power to cause change,we are tired of our continent being classified as the orphan of the whole world,we tired of other nations bullying us knowing that we won't do anything about it.Now the only way to stop all this is if us the African youth show our great potential to the whole world and to our people .Talking about it obviously doesn't help, and the older generation are too scared and too stuck in their archaic beliefs about culture and tradition, but us those beliefs are not that strongly held and we would sacrifice them at a snap of a finger if they hinder us from moving forward to changing the the current state of the continent.

  • Yes, it is possible.

    Anyone can make a change it the world, no matter how old you are or where you come from. I believe anyone can make a difference. Read the book "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind." It is an excellent book and it tells how a teenage boy from a poor village in Africa did something that no one thought he could do and changed his family and village forever.

  • Each generation can.

    Yes, it is possible for African youth to save the continent, because there are many African youth, and they love their country. They are smart, they have goals, and they have a vision for their country. They have hopes for themselves and for their children. They can turn things around.

  • It is possible for African youth to save the continent

    It is possible for African youth to save their continent. If African youth don't do it, then, who will. There are so many problems facing the continent of Africa. I don't think any of the problems are insurmountable. The young people with the right motivation and resources can tackle these problems.

  • I'm not sure about the intent of this question, but I'll go ahead and say that Africa "picking itself up by the bootstraps" is unrealistic.

    Look, obviously the youth of any population can make a big difference for that population. However, one cannot assign the weight of solving for hundreds of years of systematic oppression on the shoulders of the ones who have suffered this systematic oppression. If someone were to rob, beat, and strip someone, I don't think it's realistic to blame that person for being poor, hurt, and naked. Serious change needs to occur in Africa aside from rich people throwing a fundraiser to appease their white guilt. A first step would be to stop the neo-colonial mentality. A second step would be to stop degrading Africa. I think people who are more knowledgeable than I about macroeconomics would be more qualified to give steps 3 and 4.

    Posted by: kbub
  • No, it's not possible for the African youth to save the continent.

    I do not believe that it is possible for the African youth to save their continent. I'm not even exactly sure of the question, but I'm guessing it's refering to the people that live in the continent of Africa. I think that most of that continent just has way too many problems and issues to be saved.

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