Is it possible for an African nation to be self governed and prosperous?

Asked by: PerunVeles
  • It is possible, But not with the current borders.

    Many of the conflicts have started because of 2 or more ethnic groups or tribes coming into conflict. If we were to re organize countries not on every single ethnic group, But on groups who are similar to each other whether linguistically or ethnically instead of the old colonial borders would go along way to making Africa a more safe place. I know this is almost impossible and not the only problem, But it is one of the biggest problems and could solve many conflicts.

  • It would be a long and challenging process, Yet possible.

    Africa is arguably one of the least developed parts of the world with a huge amount of starving and homeless. Just like insurance, When there is a bigger pool fund, You can pay for things more cost efficiently. If every African country was paying taxes to a central government, Then they would be able to deal with their issues more cost effectively. Africa is rich in mineral resources and it would be very beneficial if they could get together and use them for their advantage. Yes, Africa is very big and there are many corrupt areas so it would be very difficult to get all nations to agree. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, And South Sudan are working together on forming a confederation. If that goes well, It could be an example for all of Africa to join in. Yes, It would be in the very far future and then even further for it to become prosperous, But I think it would be possible.

  • No, There isn't any evidence to suggest that it'd be possible

    There have been quite a few attempts at creating a successful, Self-governing nation in Africa, Starting with Ghana gaining independence in 1957 and continuing all the way to today, However not one of these projects has resulted in anything other than complete failure.

    The reason why I think this is due to the underlying tribal division that continues to plague the continent even today. We are all aware of the significance of history when talking about modern day politics, However there isn't a single place on the planet that these historical forms of governance cause as much damage today than is the case in Africa. It completely destroys any chance at creating a stable and prosperous nation by counteracting the one thing that a nation needs more than anything, A general collective vision and the responsibility that has to come along with it. As long as this all important factor is missing, Crime and corruption will run rampant.

    This can best be evidenced in Nigeria and South Africa, Both counties had high hopes of finally becoming the first developed African countries, However both of them have devolved into crime and corruption and as it stands right now, Both could fall apart in the years to come. . . . .

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