• Asteroids Hit the Earth

    It is not only possible, but has happened many times. Many asteroids have already hit the Earth. It is virtually guaranteed that they will continue to hit the Earth. The only real question is when and how big. Hopefully we will avoid being hit by a large one until we can defend against it.

  • Its happened before

    While the chances are small, which may be based on the sheer size of space I feel like something like this isn't a matter if but a matter of when. I mean its unreasonable to think that eventually something like this will happen. To me its only a matter of time, but when that day comes will we have the technology to somehow intercept it is the bigger question.

  • Yes, it is possible for an asteroid to hit earth

    Not only is it possible for an asteroid to hit earth, there is significant evidence that some have previously done so. Further, if one was close enough, the earth's gravitational pull would make it more likely to hit that planet than pass close by. It is difficult to imagine how someone would think this is not a possibility.

  • Yes, it is possible for an asteroid to hit earth.

    As many times as an asteroid has flown through outer space to near Earth's orbit, there have naturally grown up a large body of myths and superstitions surrounding asteroids. For all that, though, the number of times that an asteroid has actually make landfall are relatively few. That said, however, it is still entirely possible.

  • Yes, we have actual evidence of it happening.

    That is a thing, and that thing occurred.
    The thing was an asteroid, and it occurred in the manner of crashing into a lake near the Russian town of Chelyabinsk. It happened in February 2013, I assume "Turnipsia" on the NO side is old enough to remember that.
    Oh, I get it.
    No, sorry, Turnipsia, I was wrong. Similarly to how the dinosaurs never existed because they did so before a suspected asteroid hit, nothing could have possibly existed before the 15th of February 2013, since that was when another one did.
    In just one week, almost all of the inhabitants of Earth will celebrate their second birthday.
    Unfortunately, on the internet, it is really difficult to detect (or portray meaningfully) any amount of sarcasm, so I'll point it out if you didn't get it. Everything after "Oh, I get it" and up to "second birthday" was sarcasm. Just as a pointer, Turnipsia, so you know where I really stand on this issue.

  • Of course it's possible.

    We got all most a bigillion that could at any time be launched into a collision course to your face. All you no's are just in denial of the doom of humanity. You just say it only happens in the movies and your also the same ones who think we didn't land on the moon.

  • They have, and do all the time.

    I'm assuming you mean a large one though? Well, considering one tens of millions of years ago, I'd assume one can today. Just because humans are on it doesn't mean all of a sudden random events are going to form a conscious and choose to avoid causing destruction to our planet.

  • No, it hasn't happened.

    Remember the dinosaurs going instinct? That would happen to us, we all know dinosaurs never existed because God created us, we've already proved that many times in religious debates. Scientist believe that would happen if an asteroid would actually hit. The dinosaurs were pretty much just a simulation of what would happen if a golf sized asteroid would even hit us. Clearly the people on the left saying yes need to do their research!!!

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