• Never know for sure

    I think when it comes to sports, you really know what the team could pull together. Being from the States, I really don't follow England sports; however, I understand the concept of competitive games. I think England could actually pull a curve ball, no pun intended, and win the 2018 World Cup.

  • It is possible for England to win the 2018 World Cup.

    Although it is unlikely that they will succeed, it is technically possible the UK can win the World Cup in 2018. All the other teams might make fatal mistakes which make it easier for England to win. Games are always very risky, and it is really possible for any team to win in the end.

  • Anything is possible.

    Yes, it is possible for England to win the 2018 World Cup, because the British players have been getting stronger. England has had qualified developmental programs for many years now, and the players will be reaching their prime by 2018. It is quite possible that 2018 is the year for Britain to win the World Cup.

  • Sure it is

    Soccer is a very low scoring sport, all it takes for a team to have an upset is one good moment. England is by no means some scrub team that barely makes it into these kinds of tournaments, they're a legitimate power and they could absolutely be who is victorious.

  • They just aren't good enough

    For England to win a major international tournament in football a considerable amount of change is needed. The English game is focused on physicality and not technical ability. The Germans, Dutch and Brazilians are just as strong and fast but are more comfortable with a ball at their feet. The England manager is too conservative in his approach. A reasonable target is the 2030 World Cup if they take action to reduce the increasing foreign nature of the Premier League, begin emphasizing technical ability in their youth and get a young, exciting, tactically-sound manager.

  • Spain, Argentina, Brazil Have Better Players

    England won't win the 2018 World Cup because their current crop of players simply isn't good enough. There are reasons why the EPL has so many foreign players that excel in the league--England simply isn't produce enough top-notch footballers anymore. David Beckham is done. Wayne Rooney will be too old in 2018. Ronaldo, Messi and 11 Brazilians will be in top form in four years.

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