Is it possible for God to kill himself forever?

Asked by: Lionfish45
  • My reasoning for this question.

    If God is incapable of killing himself, then he is not omnipotent. If he CAN kill himself, then he is not immortal. I am not referring to God being able to kill himself by taking a mortal form like he did when he came down as Jesus to save his own creation from his own wrath, I am talking about erasing his own consciousness for good. After doing so, God would be in oblivion and never be able to come back. In other words, he is using his powers to make himself not exist. I just chose yes so that I could explain why I am asking this.

    So the bottom line is this: Is God (If he were to exist) omnipotent or immortal? With this logic, there is no way he can be both. If he can be both, please LOGICALLY explain how.

  • That would be a contradiction.

    By definition, God is eternal. To remove Himself from existence would contradict His very nature, not to mention it would simply be nonsensical.

    If, as an analogy, God wanted to make a square circle, could He do it? It's the same type of nonsensical question. A circle has a very specific definition, in which all points along the circumference are equidistant from the center. A square also has a very specific definition, in which the figure consists of four equal straight sides, joined together by four right angles. Thus, by definition, a circle cannot be square. Do you see my point?

  • If He's real, then he would be immortal

    Assuming we are talking about the generic religious God, I have four answers:

    1) God almost certainly isn't real, and fictional characters cannot commit suicide.

    2) If He is real, he would be immortal, as He is described as outside time. This also means that He would not necessarily be omnipotent in the 11th dimension, or wherever He is.

    3) Then again, if God is outside of time, then would he have a physical body, albeit in a higher dimension? If so, then maybe he could, however...

    4) God as a concept cannot and will not be destroyed, as there will always be need for a human to have answers, and the default one programmed into us is an unexplainable, all-powerful force. We will always come back to this conclusion, as it is human to do so, to make practical the unpractical. We will not rid ourselves of God soon.

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