• It is possible for Obama to create more jobs.

    It is possible for Obama to create more jobs. It is clear that government stimulus and public works projects can help to create more jobs. Also, raising tariffs on foreign made goods could help to keep jobs in America rather than letting them be outsourced abroad. There are many ways the president can create more jobs.

  • Yes it is.

    It is possible for Obama to create more jobs, but I do not think that he will. He seems to be more worried about things like Obama care that end up costing most Americans more money and making it even harder on the poor than it was before rather than trying to help.

  • He can't do it alone

    President Obama can come up with a million perfect ideas for jobs but he can not possibly make any of them happen alone. Unless everyone works together to create jobs and stops fighting then more jobs will never be created and unfortunately more jobs will be lost. So no, Obama himself, can not create more jobs.

  • Very Little Control

    I do not believe it is possible for Obama to directly create more jobs. Obama can create the right circumstances to create more jobs, but he can't create the jobs themselves. This is one of the reasons America is in the mess its in, because of all the new jobs we do have, they're mostly minimum wage and part time. If he had the power to do more, I assure you he would.

  • He can only create a few government jobs

    Obama is really powerless to create jobs. Except for a few appointments, Congress decides everything when it comes to public and private jobs bills. Neither chambers seems eager to get America back to work. There are so many shovel ready projects that we need to do as a society, and with so many people out of work there's no reason that they shouldn't be put back to work. With all the trillions in debt we're taking on, this seems like a worthwhile use of our money.

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