Is it possible for someone to have their own country and community with laws within an already existing country?

Asked by: Nexus77
  • Is it possible to accomplish or not?

    Personally, I believe the way to seek freedom, equality, and fairness is to isolate from the rest of society and allow people to voluntarily make their choices through very small or anti-government means.

    In other words, it's libertarianism or essentially anarchism with a splotch of progressivism. Why stay with rulers when you can rule yourself or have a very small place people choose to live and be governed by?

    This is in an effort to appeal to Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul supporters who are both very loyal and represent anti-establishment politics for now.

  • Not totally possible

    I have studied a bit of tax law and discovered that even if you create a commune (501d), you still have to pay property tax and submit income tax returns for members, even if everything is held in common (total income is divided equally among members for tax purposes). You can, however, become a dominion within the greater nation (modern theme) or tribute nation (medieval theme). While churches can be 501c nonprofits (no property or income tax), they cannot give housing or food benefits to members (and housing not even to non-members). This means that a church cannot be a commune. If you want to be a pluralist society, you cannot even use a 501d as it requires a set system of beliefs, whether you make it up or not - multiple beliefs not allowed. You cannot escape taxes. Sorry, mate.

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