Is it possible for the education system to find a way to use social networking as an advantageous tool?

  • Education needs to stay connected to young minds, and social networking is an excellent tool for that purpose.

    As today's students become more connected, through the Internet, to information, people and places, it is important for educators to use social networking as a tool in learning environments. By using the technology and communication devices of the students, teachers are more likely to understand the children's needs, and the students are more likely to respond positively to the learning environments, rather than see them as irrelevant.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Social networking can be an advantageous tool for educational purposes because anything that teaches while promoting life application is an indispensable tool.

    You hear kids often say "why do we have to learn this stuff?" Making what students learn to be fun and entertaining is part of a teacher's duty to his or her class. Social networking is one of the many avenues a teacher can take to promote this type of learning environment.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • I agree that social networking can be used to help the education system as it allows for more learning.

    Social networking is beneficial in so many ways. The education system has so many flaws and it would be rather helpful to add social media which everyone used. Textbook companies could use these to help teachers and teachers can use it for at home interaction with students. All in all it is a win-win.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • It would be very close-minded to think there is no way to turn something as powerful as social networking into a positive tool for education.

    Because we've seen some major developments in all sorts of business and personal areas of life due to social networking, I think it's very easy to see it playing a positive role in education, too. For instance, groups could organize in school and keep an active presence going over the summer vacation, without forcing kids to return to any form of summer school.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Yes, because social networking would be a great educational tool for marketing classes.

    The education system could definitely put some social networking sites to use, when discussing marketing and advertising. There could be some interesting studies that could be done to find out how people are influenced by peers, and how that affects the chain of supply and demand. I think, because social networking is so widely used, even in the corporate world, it needs to be addressed, especially in higher education classes.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Yes, education can use social tools, because they open up all kinds of possibilities.

    Social tools such as Facebook could be used to enhance the education system. One example would be if a class was "friends" with another class in another country. They could experience each other's cultures and learn more about each other's lives. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the rich history and traditions of other parts of the world.

    Posted by: l0nerkatz999
  • Yes, I think that the education system could use social networking for the purpose of quickly distributing things such as assignments to students.

    Since it is obvious that school students have become addicted to social networking websites, I believe that it would be possible for the education system to make good use of this fact. Assignments could be distributed as well as instructions for school projects. Teachers could set up appointments with students that they need to meet with using this system. Since social networking has become a fact of life, why not find a positive use for it?

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Social networking benefits students by turning the virtual world into a learning community.

    For many high school and university students, social networking is a natural part of life. The education system can benefit students by utilizing this communication medium. For example, a class learning German in the United States could be assigned to 'meet' one person from the German-speaking world and ask that person a series of questions. This will allow the student to gain real-life insight, practice language skills with a native speaker, and potentially make a new friend. Additionally, teachers could require students post comments on a 'Group' page, set up by the teacher, before coming to class. This would allow the teacher to see when his or her students complete their assignments. Since it is on a public forum, the peer pressure generated could coerce students to complete their assignments and come up with intelligent responses or further questions for posting.

    Posted by: MaxweEIite
  • Absolutely. The education system has and will always adapt to use new social technology as a tool.

    Schools have always had new technology to adapt to. Whether its computers and whiteboards or new teaching methods, something is always waiting to shake up education. Social media is just one more of these disruptive technologies. While its potential for creating distraction is clear, there are many ways in which teachers can adapt it to use in the classroom. Social networks dedicated to education have already started to pop up (see Teachbook)

    Posted by: VultureDer
  • Social Media is providing a multitude of new opportunities in all business areas, so the education system could also benefit.

    Social media can help the education system by creating a creative forum for students. There are so many different social media channels that could be used. Groups and forums could allow specific classes to have discussions, or students could use specialized sites to learn from others. Social media allows users to share ideas and information easily and quickly. There are endless possibilities from education to benefit from social media.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • I think it is not possible for the education system to use social networking as a tool, because of the amount of drama that goes on.

    Social networks are absolutely full of drama. Sure, some people are taking it seriously. But, most people of that age just are out to start something with someone else. Not that this is bad. We were all young and dumb once. But, I just do not see how this can be an advantageous tool, if stuff like that is going on.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • Social networking will not be something that will be of value in education, it is only valuable for socializing.

    There is no foreseeable valuable way to utilize social networking for educational purposes. Since the only reason why people utilize social networking sites is to have and connect with friends, family, and businesses there is no educational value to it. If an effort were made to use it for educational purposes people would just go on there and slack off and mess around instead of learning.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I don't believe so, because social networking should only be used for social purposes, not educational purposes.

    Social networking describes exactly what it states. It is a social tool. It should not be used for educational purposes. How would that even work? If it was implemented in schools and in our educational system, it would be used as an excuse to go on Feasible or Twitter during class or educational lectures.

    Posted by: RMicheal
  • Social networking is for entertainment not for education.

    The number of hours that Americans spend conversing on social networks has exploded. When you stop and think about the number of hours Americans waste on blabbing and chatting away about relationships, parties, and various useless topics it makes one wonder who is working. It also begs the question of who is actually learning. Education is work, learning is hard, and there is little use in talking to others (who should also be focused on learning) when it is time to work.

    Posted by: ChotAnguris
  • I disagree with the belief that social networking can be used as an advantageous tool for the educational system

    Children are curious beings and there are many malicious people out there looking to prey on kids if they find the opportunity. Such people can claim to be a member of the study group and get vital information about the children in the group.
    There is also the issue of curriculum design because there has to be a standard for all sites so that various network sites are not posting different opinions and theories which will confuse who are from different schools students in the long run.

    Posted by: VividAlbr

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