• Yes, but only if the conditions are right.

    Having a perfect society is possible, but it will take a lot of effort. Here's how to do it:
    First, the government must have full control, and it can only be run by machines.
    Second, All humans need to have their brains connected to a computer, so that no other human can read their mind, but the robot-run government can.
    And last, the government will force everyone to have "perfect" thoughts, and trick them into thinking that those were their own.

  • Yes, and it is simple, but very difficult to accomplish.

    Society is basically a group of people working together as a community, and perfect is basically the best something can possibly be, and since best is an opinion it is dependent on the person who formulates it. Therefore in order to have a perfect society you must position yourself around people you like or in the place where your dream home would be, and you have to find flaws with it. You then have to learn to love whatever flaws it has or simply ignore the flaws and you found a perfect society, but if there is no one besides yourself it doesn't count. Although this is very difficult and expensive it is much easier than other possibilities including changing the government and the global community.

  • A Perfect Society is Impossible

    Perfection in anything is impossible, even in machines. This is due to the fact that perfection isn't real. In another universe, possibly, but the argument is only relevant in this one.

    Everyone has a different version of perfection in their heads, so a perfect society to someone would be imperfect to another. For instance, for some, a perfect society would be one without white people, and for others, a perfect society would be one without black people. See how they can be very different?

    There is no such thing as a single, unanimously perfect ANYTHING, nor will there ever be. You can come close. But absolute perfection is impossible.

    Posted by: Turl
  • The little donkey that advised the piglet with, that will do pig. It's not all about you and me it's all about us all.

    One dark day in the middle of the night.
    Two dead men got up to fight.
    Back to back, they faced each other.
    Drew their swords and shot each other.
    One was blind the other could see.
    So they chose a blind man as the referee.
    The blind man went to watch fair play.
    And two lame men came too carried them away
    with a paralysed donkey that was passing by
    that ended up kicking the blind man in the eye.
    It knocked him through a nine-inch wall.
    Into a dry ditch that drowned them all.
    A deaf policeman heard all the noise
    He came to arrest the two dead men that were just young boys.
    If you don't believe this story’s true,
    Ask the blind man he seen it all through you and me.
    And the two boys called it liberty.

  • Different Ideas of Perfection

    Perfection lies in the eye of the beholder. What I may see as a perfect society is completely different from that of anyone else’s. There will always be someone who wants to change the system, No matter how perfect it is to another. Therefore, A perfect society would only exist for an individual not a group.

  • Not in our world

    In economy, There's the idea of unlimited wants and needs but limited resources. This is true for society. For a perfect society you either need a population that don't share differing viewpoints, Therefore now having limited wants and needs, Or having unlimited resources and individual policies for everyone. Maybe in an ideal world there could be but in reality, There's no way

  • Perfection is a holy grail.

    Perfection is something we will always strive for, It will drive us to become better and likely ultimately lead to our downfall, But even machines will never achieve true perfection because you cna always be more efficient, More powerful, Etc. There will always be some way you cna improve, But often to improve one thing you must comprimise another, So a perfect society can never exist.

  • Perfection is abstract!

    I believe that the whole ideology of a perfect society is abstract. People constantly slave away at that idea yet they are never satisfied.
    Perfection is essentially an unattainable standard and it is so relative, what may be considered as perfect to one person may be imperfect to the next person. It's impossible for everyone in a whole society to be performing at their best at exactly the same time!
    People are so drawn to this idea that we can be perfect, but I think it only damages us.

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2far4u2CharlesDarwin says2018-07-10T22:31:03.363
The perfect f#ckup is the human race. So yes a perfect species does exists, but a perfect society affraid not.

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