• It All Depends On What We Choose To Believe

    All my life I’ve been an Atheist without really believing in any deity or God, Though I utter God's name from picking it up from people who use it on a regular basis in day to day conversations. I believe there is more than one God out there because I think we as people of different religions created these Gods themselves. I don't know what else could've created them than us, Unless it was an alien perhaps. I think all Gods of every religion can coexist, Though these Gods would all be rivals toward each other. I believe they'd never get involved with another and respect each others' beliefs and values. Sort of what we humans do today with each other, Learn to live with those differences and just maybe have a new point of view towards things. For so long religions have battled against each other when we as human beings should accept our diversity and judge people by what they do or say instead of their religion. Who says it's fun getting beliefs you don't agree with, Shoved down your throat? We're really all the same in this simple game of life. And adding to the theory that we created these Gods, It would make us our own Gods. What other being born from the nature of Earth, Besides ourselves could be so well developed enough to think of so many ideas and be able to create so many things? It's quite hard to not be bias on such a subject, Though we all have our opinions (Which kinda points out that only our individual selves (The beliefs we grew up with and the early experiences we were exposed to and the changes in our development makes how we think and feel) is what really rules us in what we believe). The things (kinda like a story or lesson) that the Gods we created have taught us, Is that we all each individually have our own values and our own faith (And by faith I DON'T mean having faith in the Lord) in things and ourselves. To understand the human condition, Our purpose here and why we are here (Though we have so many concepts and ideas of how we came to be). To teach us our morality, What drives our spirits, What we are capable of and what makes us who we are. If we all are our own Gods, Then it is possible that we all can coexist together. We could all individually be our own religions just as we all could be our own worlds.

  • Lord God, Most High God, God, Most High, King of Kings

    The common language of Lord God, Most High God, And God Most High all literally portray there being more than one God. . . If there was only one god, There would be no reason to make one stand apart from the rest by using terms like these. Literal translation may sometimes be wrong after thousands of years of dialectical errors, But currently, It would seem to me that the bible refers to there being more than one God. . . Another related proof, Is that the bible states that Satan is the God of our world. . .

  • One God we worship though many other God's exist

    There are many God's although we worship just one as our creator. Jesus is a God although we worship him as our saviour not our creator. We ourselves can become God's - if we pass our trials and tests in this life, we continue progressing and learning in the next. It is illogical to think once we die we just stop learning and exist for no reason. Living side by God and Jesus in heaven, if we pass the tests in this life, there is nothing stopping us from learning and progressing to a point where we are perfect and thus a God ourselves.

  • Yes, there can be many gods.

    Although the unknown anonymous authors of the bible 2000 yrs ago had written their opinions of what their god may like, dislike, along with their characteristic powers, their opinions shall still remain as opinions, and Not Facts.

    Because of this, many other gods can exist with different likes, dislikes, along with powers. One may ask...Who would have created the other multiple gods? Simple. The same way their god was created.

    Our imaginations and opinions can be just as fascinating as the imaginations and opinions of the authors of the bible.

    In fact, the authors of the bible already implied in the existence of other gods and that worshipers must not worship other gods for their god is a jealous and angry god who will destroy such worshiper in violation.

  • Yes Because God Is all Powerful

    God is all powerful there nothing he can no do or be. So it is logical to believe God is able to be to two or more Gods, otherwise we limit his power and that would mean God is not all powerful. These Gods are probably be in absolute harmony, each one omnipotent, eternal and in balance. God is not one but infinite.

  • Of course it's possible!

    People of different faiths believe in different Gods. It is entirely possible that all of them are real, or it could be possible that some of them are real. There can be any number of Gods, but just like the fact that there is an extremely high chance of extra-terrestrial life, there is a chance that there is more than one God.. But that may remain in the unknown.

  • I reject Abraham's altogether, so the bible and koran is nonsense to me.

    I am deist, but quite willing to accept that there are multiple supernatural beings. Of course, I cannot prove this, in the same way an Abrahamite will just point to their scriptures for proof. If I was a caveman, I might have worshipped the sun and the moon, or the ocean, or all together. Today, of course, that would be ludicrous. Does the veil of ignorance raise when I die or do I remain ignorant and go back into the cycle, whatever that is? People are told there is one God by the religious instructors when they are young. Being young, they accept this. Later on in life, they will rid themselves of their brainwashing (or not), and perceive their own understanding of god(s).

  • Yes, anything is possible when it comes to religion.

    Yes, anything is possible when it comes to religion. Humans will most likely never find out how the earth came to be, so any belief in religion could technically be logical. People can't say there IS one God or there ARE several deities or that there is NO god. It's a world full of possibilities, so it would be better if you contemplated that the idea of another religion being in existence, rather than the one you follow. It is only logical to be able to accept monotheism, polytheism and non theism because in reality, they could all work.

  • Why Would A God (Image of Man) Require Genitals For If There Wasn't A Goddess or Two.

    Polytheism was rampant prior to Monotheism and there was also Animism prior to that so each of these had multiple gods, some had a God for every creature on the planet and others had a god for every natural and to them seemingly supernatural phenomenon, like thunder, wind, water, moon, etc.

    In polytheism Gods had sex and reproduced other Gods, but Monotheism suddenly assumed a single Male God, thus still with Genitalia that ruled the cosmos by himself. To many this is actually completely Irrational, as to what would a supernatural entity do with genitals if there was no purpose for them, they would simply be useless, vestigial organs left over in the God's Evolution from a Polytheistic being where it made love to Goddesses. Evidently the Goddesses must have died off and left a lonely male god with no purpose for his penis.
    So Yes, there must be other Gods, in that case of a whole family of them with little ones on the way.
    LOL :-D~

  • Yes, Multiple Gods Might Feel More Approachable

    The Greeks believed in multiple gods. Though modern Americans
    think of the Greek myths as Disney stuff, nearly fairy tales, they are actually
    full of perception and understanding. The Greek gods appeal to modern readers
    because their attributes are like those of ordinary humans. They are like us,
    so we can understand them, and can feel that they would understand us. If there
    were multiple gods, they might be easier to worship than one distant God.

  • No, there is only one God but there could be many gods.

    God refers only to the God who created the universe with words and sent his Son to save us. He clearly said that he is one and there is no other God except him. But there have been numerous gods from long time ago, which have been made by people's wish.

  • It's Not Logically Possible

    The definition of God requires that He is eternal, omniscient, and omnipotent specifically. God means "that than which a greater cannot be thought." The definition of omnipotence is "a power which a greater cannot be surpassed," therefore, there can be no higher power than that of God's, presupposing the possibility of His existence. It's defined in that way. Thus, if there were more than one God, his power could nonetheless be exceeded by another God. All God's would therefore have to be the of the same level of each other's power and none could be of lesser power because otherwise they wouldn't be God. Then all Gods would be the same in all attributes, which is futile because they would be accomplishing the tasks that only one of them could accomplish on His own. Also, God is by definition omnipresent, which means He is present everywhere at the same time. If God were omnipresent, there would be no need for another God. Occam's Razor implies that we make an impossible assumption about there being more than one God, so we should believe in only one God. Therefore, monotheism is the only possible necessity of God. It's impossible for there to exist more than one God.

  • Logically there can only be one God till such time that we change and agree on a new definition of God.

    God is defined as omnipotent, Omniscience and omnipresent , hence by definition there can only be one God. If we were to force more than one God on these attributes it would automatically dilute one or more than one of these attributes assigned to God. It is just basic logic, there can only be one biggest or one smallest something. If we don't want to agree with these clearly understood terms then might as well stop using language altogether.

  • It's not possible for there to be more than zero gods.

    If we define God as an immaterial intelligent being who exists outside of space and time and created the universe, then no such being can exist. Certain properties of this being are irreconcilable with each other: intelligence and creative agency are each compatible with both atemporality and immateriality; additionally, the idea that the universe was caused to exist by some external agent is logically incoherent, given the nature of time, causation, and existence. Thus, it is not possible for any god -- any being with the properties named above -- to exist in the first place.

  • How will we live?!

    If there is more than one God , we would see them fighting each other for leadership or we will see them sending prophets to their creations and have them fighting each other .
    It's like a country with more than one king , one wants X to be revived and the other wants X to die , they won't accept each other .

  • What is meaning of God ?

    God is creator not creators . No possibility of it because every things have its first line which is always single not double or triple or many more . If there is more than one God than who have created us or all Gods created us . If all Gods also created us than its one God because they have one single thoughts which lead to be one . Therefore , There is no possibility of more than one Gods

  • Enderman teleportation anal,

    So like enderman can teleport and all right? So that means enderman is god so like we can turn into mexicans and become the god of death right? So like it means we are very the better of all the others in another hospital called enderman hospital. So like minecraftt

  • No, It's not possible that there are many gods.

    If there were many gods, The world would probably be destroyed or in chaos. Who would be the God of all the gods? Even if there were a God of all the gods, There would still be a rivalry between them. Every god has their own beliefs and way of looking at things. Every god would be fighting to be the king of the gods. So, NO, There wouldn't be more than god. There would be destroyed in this world, And I don't mean the people would be destructive- I mean nature would be destroyed.

  • Anything more than one god is bogus.

    Let's say that there is a world with more than one deity, And let's say that a bunch of polytheists are worshiping them. Wouldn't that lead to a revolt? Wouldn't other gods try to take away the throne? Not to mention, There would be dispute over the universe. That would lead to destruction and our universe would NOT look like the way it is now. It is absolutely questionable to believe that this planetary architecture is the way it is because of the agreement of bunch of deities. Let's take Hinduism, For an example. There are 33 million gods in the religion. If all of these gods agreed with the way of how this planet looked, With no dispute, Then it's VERY questionable.

  • God is a lie that has spread for over 2000 years. Mary and Joseph is a story that people tell little kids.

    Although people can believe what they want to believe, There is no scientific proof that there is even one god and when people say that god is sending a sign, They are probably hallucinating and making stories for others and people eventually think that all the stories that have been made up are true because no one ever reveals the truth.
    This is my personal opinion but you can think what you like

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