• Yes it is true actually but not flesh eating zombies though

    Element 115 (not the cod version) ununpentium can bring dead cells back to life. How ever element 115 isn't very large in supply so you would need a lot of it in order for something to move but it can only move it has no memory or anything and then it would die when element 115 decays into element 113.

  • We don't know everything! (Also, I'm not one of those crazy guys!)

    Honestly, I'm not sure whether I believe it to be possible or not, but I thought I'd throw my lot in on this side anyway.
    Basically, I feel that we can't really back up the "real" zombies, as in living dead, but I feel that the zombie virus thing is sort of plausible. There are plenty of mind-altering diseases out there, all it takes is for a species jump or mutation to create a hyper-aggressive, super-hungry predator. Another variation on this would be the Corpus fungi in which some sub-species are capable of controlling the body of its host.
    Just to let you know, I'm not some crazy-build-myself-a-zombie-bunker guy, I just read and watch a lot of zombie stuff because I find it entertaining. I'm only saying yes because I like to entertain the idea of being a survivor in the event of one.

    Posted by: Kto
  • Yes but in a different way than we are use to seeing zombies

    There are so many diseases we might not know about. We need our blood circulation to work in order to continue but we do not know if there is a disease or something that can make an exception. Zombies can be possible and so can unicorns. Humanity does not know everything that is on planet Earth and therefore we should not say what can or can not happen.

  • Not in a literal sense, but metaphorically, yes

    While the idea of the undead as depicted in fantasy fiction is just that, there are people who act as if they were zombies. And I don't just mean chasing people down for the taste of human flesh and brain tissue, I mean in people who can barely form their own opinions and who just copy whoever they think is in charge.

  • No it is not

    I think the fact that people think that they can exist is just flat out hilarious whilst being a little aggravating as well. Once people die they cease to exist and therefore renders any type of afterlife impossible. If you think that they could exist please explain to me how you are not in an insane asylum.

  • Its possible, but extremely improbable.

    Scientists have proven that a zombie virus isn't possible, but there is a possibility of a fungus that could take over the body. There is also a possibility that a zombie epidemic could be started through prions. Zombie ants are real and that was started by a fungus, and the same thing could happen to humans, but its highly improbable. A zombie apocalypse isn't as far fetched as we think it is.

  • Yes, but only theoretically.

    Parasites have been known to completely take over the nervous system of smaller creatures, such as ants, and control their movement. It would take a very advanced parasite to do this to a human; or at least one that can resist the standard person's immune system. Whether or not they'd want to eat flesh is another story.

  • Zombie Blood Flow

    In order for muscles to work, they need blood circulation and since zombies don't have blood circulation, they would just be a blob on the ground unable to move, bite, speak, growl, anything. So, in conclusion, the human body only works because of blood flow. So in the case of a zombie apocalypse, we would be safe from any type of zombie and we could continue our daily lives without the threat of our safety.

  • Scientifically possible I would agree

    I would agree that what we see in the movies would have no real comparison to the real world. All zombies in movies were brought to life by the supernatural or by a disease that we have never recorded in the world we live. However in mind my mind i cant help but wonder if its possible if so many diseases in this world mutated together and created a super mutation thats airbourne or makes the person infected tempted to bite people like rabies. Even the slightest form of cannibalism creates a enzyme that eats the brain cells and causes people to go crazy. I Wont say that it is not logically possible but i believe that it would take time, possibly not in our lifetime, unless some really sick person thinks about interbreeding virus and trying to make a quick buck on selling viruses. All i know is if i were you be smart before it happens. Save batteries even if their halfway dead because even a collection of them can give you the hours for a flashlight if it happens. Conserve more and if i were you like what im going to do. Build a bunker under my house just incase this actually somehow happens in the future.

  • Scientifically yes and/or naturally

    I say it is very possible for some form of a zombie type, not a dead person brought back to life per say but in fact some sort of man made virus. They run tests in so many ways, personally speaking who really knows what the government has cooked up over the years they might even have a stock pile of them just rotting in their contained areas trying to find a cure for what they have created before they unleash it to the public.. Lol but who really knows I guess we will all have to just wait and see if it will ever happen

  • No, it's not possible for zombies to exist.

    To even think that zombies could exist in the form shown in movies is ridiculous. Even if some foreign parasite took over the brain, once the body is dead, the organs would stop functioning. Blood would collect in the lower extremities, making it basically impossible to move. The muscles would not get the required nutrients and atrophy away. Basically, the body would be a useless shell.

  • Zombies won't destroy this civilization, because we'd know what we're dealing with.

    In zombie fiction, zombies were always an unknown terror, and the only mention of the possibility of the Dead walking the Earth is from the Bible.

    In the world of The Walking Dead, for example, there is no George A. Romero movies; no Max Brooks novels; no zombie video games; they find out how to deal with them through trial & error, and have no guide or fiction to draw ideas from. Note that in TWD universe, they call them everything from walkers; to geeks; to creeps; to "things;" but NEVER zombies. If people knew to do a head-shot & destroy the brain, the threat would've been contained quicker. A zombie apocalypse seems like mankind's greatest fear, but we're better-equipped to deal w/ it, and would not be a threat in real life. Never underestimate the human spirit! We've outlived giant lizards, world wars, and faulty doomsday prophecies. What's a lumbering horde of corpses, when you know how to destroy them?

    In conclusion, zombies won't exist in our world because we know how to deal with it. Our destruction will likely come from an unknown terror we've yet to see or study.

  • No, it is not possible for zombies to exist.

    I believe it is not possible for zombies to exist. A zombie is an undead human and by that definition I do not believe zombies can exist. It is impossible for something to be dead and alive at the same time. If you are dead you are dead and if you are alive you are alive, so in that sense zombies can never exist.

  • No. It is not possible.

    Based on everything we know about humans and death, there is nothing that suggests zombies are real or that they ever could be real. It is just an invention of human creativity and a form of entertainment to imagine zombies. Like all other supernatural phenomena, they utterly lack evidence for their existence.

  • Zombies don't exist.

    Fact 1:
    Zombies are not alive.
    People and living things can't come back from the dead.
    Fact 2:
    No reproduction
    Zombies have no use for reproduction.
    Fact 3:
    Can't reproduce
    Zombies can't reproduce.
    Fact 4:
    No metabolism.
    Zombies can't consume energy.
    Fact 5:
    Can’t kill a Zombie.
    Can only re-kill.
    Fact 6:
    No DNA
    Zombies don’t change what-so-ever.
    Fact 7:
    It is called the Walking Dead for a reason.
    The walking DEAD.
    Fact 8:
    Can't move by themselves.
    Rotting bodies can't move themselves.
    Fact 9:
    No resurrection.
    Dead things can't come back to life.

  • Zombies are only in the walking dead

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol kek lol lol lolo ol ol oln lkek if u think that zombies are real look at the science aka bill nye the science guy bill bill bill bill nye the science guy lol lol lol lol :)

  • Even if they did exist, they wouldn't last a week.

    They could possibly exist, but I would put the chance of it being dangerous at a less than 5%.
    1. The heat and cold would absolutely destroy them
    You heard me right, Zombies cannot survive Earth's elements the way they're taking it. In the heat, they'd be exposed to the sun's rays, if they weren't cooked already, their skin and flesh would rot and decay for sure, in the cold weather, they wouldn't have the intelligence to wear a coat, and soon they would collapse from the amount of frostbite wrecking their body, or they would become so stiff that they would be stuck to the ground, unable to move.
    2. Maggots and other scavengers would eat them alive.
    Us regular humans use clothes, bugspray, and our meant-to-last bodies to survive mosquitoes, maggots, and other things.
    But Zombies? Their skin is probably falling off them and their flesh is exposed to a couple hungry mosquitoes or maggots. And should I mention natural predators? Wild dogs, wolves, coyotes, cougars, bears, etc. would water their mouth at a couple zombies just sitting there like an open bag of chicken. And back to bears, a zombie would be too stupid not to know to get between a bear and it's cubs, and would soon be broken into little ribbons.
    3. We practically have a civilian army and military
    There are at least 14 million licensed hunters or people with guns in the united states, more in the world around. They're stocked with hunting rifles, handguns, knives, and other stuff. And beyond that, the actual military has combat rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, bombs, and other stuff, and the pentagon actually has a PLAN to deal with them. But who needs guns when you have tanks that could run over a zombie or blow one up?
    4. Out at ocean, I can't even imagine there being a chance.
    To cut it short, zombies probably can't swim and even if they could the blood coming from them would attract orcas, sharks, and other predators for miles who wouldn't hesitate to take a small bite out of a helpless zombie, And since the muscles are probably inactive, and softened possibly, a hungry great white wouldn't mind a little bite to eat.
    5. The CDC doesn't tend to screw around in a situation like that, it's on their cards.
    The cdc would stop it immediately by working on a cure, (and a zombie virus would possibly be composed of rabies and flu, which vaccines for exist, all you need to do is mix the two to make a cure/vaccine), put the infected in solitary before it broke out, or kill off anyone who had the disease.

    It wouldn't last long even if it happened.

  • Zombies can't exist...

    Who am i to say they don't exist and they do exist, but, come on.
    Do you guys who voted yes REALLY think that zombies exist or did you accidentally press the wrong button?
    For your body to function properly, your brain needs to work.
    So, if your brain is dead with you, it won't be able to send a signal back to your organs.
    (So you cannot come back to life, meaning Zombies DON'T exist.)

  • I don't think there will be a zombie apocalypse anytime soon so yeah don't waste your life worrying about what might happen.

    I don't mean that zombies don't exist somewhere around the world I just don't think there will be a zombie apocalypse. Don't waste your life being scared of what could happen just live your life now like there is no tomorrow. I learned that because well I'm a "worry wort" as people say. I get scared easily so that was hard to learn. Believe what you want to and you don't have to believe what other people say or think. LIVE YOUR LIFE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rotting bodies cannot move by themselves

    Once a body has decayed enough (and decaying starts immediately after death), it's not possible for it to move by itself. There are any number of reasons for this. Even if muscles did not require a cycling blood supply (they do), they also need things like functioning cellular structure. Zombies like those on The Walking Dead are depicted in a state of decay well advanced enough to make any muscular function impossible. The only exception to this might be if the body was kept at a very cool temperature, *without freezing* (like in a fridge). In this state the body would decay less rapidly, and its conceivable that electrical impulses from the brain stem could still cause limbs to move. However this would only be a temporary effect (as decay would still be occurring even if slowed down), not to mention a host of other issues. Also, the zombie would have to be in a fridge. . .

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