Is it possible parts of the Bible were intended as just being for fiction

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Of course there can be.

    There is stories that are fictional in the bible that aren't true but hold true morals and themes that give the reader and bases on how to act and not be sinful. They are made to learn from and yes cults are made from the bible but those are extremists. It's like saying the author of a comedy book is horrible because one of the readers reenacted a part of the book.

  • It could've easily been the case

    Many many books were lost when libraries burned in freak accidents or even when books were burned on purpose by rulers. What if many of the stories in the Bible were first made up intended to just be stories, then all copies were destroyed but some people remembered them and passed them on and eventually people started promoting it as "true" in order to start cults, then the cults started figuring out how to assimilate in the society eventually creating a "Christianity" that was able to take over as the main religion in many places.

  • Its a book

    The bible was a collection of individual religious texts/stories created by the varying forms of Christianity each with there own versions and beliefs. Teaching different morals and core beliefs some were based on exaggerated historical events of the time others were probably fiction to create an example for others to follow.

    When Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and made it legal for citizens of the roman empire to be Christians. He ordered the bishops and varying heads of the different types of Christianity to come together and create a standardized/universal version of what Christians actually believed/how they worshiped. Constantine didn't care what they believed as long as it was the same thing, but it can be assumed that the Emperor had a hand in the final edit of the bible.

    People often forget, that after the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the Churches and monasteries that stockpiled large amounts of knowledge and many of the classical languages alive and safe. It was religious scholars that documented a large amount of history during the medieval period. Knowledge in part that was used along with recovered texts from the east that sparked the Renaissance.

    I may not be very religious, but I can appreciate what religion has done for the human race both good and bad. In the end it is people who do the good and bad things in the world Religion and faith is a guide the choice is still up to the individual.

  • A religion based on fiction?

    I agree with the person above me. A book should set examples and a moral code that should be followed. If your book has lies then it's simply not from God himself. So stop creating ridiculous excuses for your religion. The book should speak for itself if it was from a deity

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