Is it possible that christianity is entirely made up?

Asked by: Whitelion677
  • If an intellectually honest person did the research,

    They would find that is more then possible it is very probable.Christianity is a copycat religion created by Emperor Constantine There were too many religions in Rome in 325 A.D. A Council was called in an endeavor to amalgamate the many religions of the Roman Empire into one. Christianity plagiarized older myths and legends historicized to suit the Roman Catholic Church while combining the numerous religions existing at the time (Krishna, Horus, Mithraism, Osirian, Isis, and many other mystery religions). For unity and to stop all the conflicts between the numerous religions.

  • It's definitely possible.

    Whether true or not it's doubtlessly a possibility. You can see how throughout history the religion is used to enforce political beliefs. You can see this with slavery. The bible also uses it's text to enforce certain beliefs upon people and persuade them to act a certain way. You can see this with passages about premarital sex, child discipline and how to treat your spouse.

  • Yes, that's the case.

    All mythologies are simply made up...To control, persuade, console, govern, and explain phenomena to people.
    Christianity is a mythology as made up as Santa Clause.
    Ideas from the book, The Odyssey, which we know is fiction and was written PRIOR to the old testament, can be found in the bible, which means that fictional ideas were put into the bible.
    Sounds made up to me.

  • Of course it is.

    Yes, I believe all religions are made up with the intent to control society and gain power. There may be some facts and true things that were thrown in there but for the most part it's fake. If you do your research, you can find that the story of christ was taken from mythology.

  • Who wrote the bible in the first place?

    If you notice we mostly learn about Christianity and god from the bible. But have you ever wondered who wrote these bibles in the first place? Yes,they were written by humans. How do they know so much about god and all his work? Would you say they met him? Of course not. So if they never actually met him where do they get all this information they are feeding us? I think I have the answer. 'they made it all up' now do you still think Christianity is true?

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  • Made up, for the most part.

    No contemporary extrabiblical attestation. All those conversations between Jesus and the disciples 'remembered' decades later? Hmmm. What sort of Jesus is Paul referencing? The 3pm sky goes dark across the whole world at the time of Jesus' passing, as well as many saints resurrected, and nobody noticed? Hmmm. Jesus' life story unfolding uncannily like that of many earlier versions of god-men? Hmmm. And miracles? What kind of miracles? Peter Popoff calibre miracles? Benny Hinn calibte? I could go on and on for hours. You get the drift.

  • Where's the evidence?

    There's almost no evidence of a historical Jesus. If you exclude the Bible, the only evidence for Jesus are some writings that are decades too old, and some of those are thought to be fakes made over a century after his supposed execution.

    There's the same amount and quality of evidence to support Jesus as there is to support King Arthur. Both have about the same amount of supernatural happenings in them. Yet there aren't people today worshipping Arthur for dying for our sins, and waiting for him to return from the dead and save us from an evil world when we need him most, and to marshall us into a golden age of peace. I mean, people like the stories about Arthur, and think that there's some good life lessons in there, but for some reason, people just don't want to devote their lives to worshipping Arthur, the King of Kings, or his buddy, the wizard Merlin, who is said to be able to walk through walls and to possess people, like some sort of righteous ghost.

    Oh, you know what... They tell many of the same stories about Charlemagne, that he lies slumbering beneath the mountains, and that when a time of deadly peril comes, that he will rise once more, unite the Germanic peoples, and lead the people to victory against against whatever horrible threat has arisen, and then rule in a golden age afterwards.

    You know, there are dozens upon dozens of similar myths from all around the world. But people want to claim that this one myth about Jesus is true, when all the others are obviously untrue?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Until Christians can produce more evidence for their beliefs than what Anglophiles can produce for King Arthur, I'm squarely putting Jesus into the myth category.

  • Obviously, it is possible.

    Christianity, being based off of an ancient book known as the Bible, was created a very long time ago. Of course, in this way, we cannot be certain, using logic, that Christianity is completely real. However, some parts of it are proven (also using logic) to be real, but we do not, and may never, know if the Bible and thus Christianity, are real.

    Posted by: RM21
  • Possible, But Possibilities Are Cheap

    It is possible that Christianity is completely made up and merely another myth, but something being possible does not make it likely.

    For instance, it is possible that everything besides yourself is a figment of your imagination. It is also possible that we are in a Matrix-style simulation. However, it does not follow that something being possible is true.

    It is outside the scope of this opinion poll to argue that Christianity is true, but on the record, that is the position I hold.

  • There are obviously correct elements.

    Many parts of the bible, particularly the historical parts of the new testament certainly contain some truth which pretty much cannot be contradicted. For instance we know that many of the Jewish clergy were exiled in Babylon. So the entire spiritual side could be fictitious (and probably is) but much of the historical side is verifiably true.

    Posted by: A341
  • Take a look at history

    If you have studied any form of history at all outside of high school then you know as fact that 2000 years ago there was a man names "Jesus" he taught people to love for one another. There are multiple accounts outside of the Bible of this man. Whether you believe the rest or not, He did exist, there is no doubt about that.

  • Lol the otherside = 70% butthurt but seriously is it me or an atheist asked this question so they can get a little help.

    I have nothing say but no, since it was explained well if you took the three comments above and but them together. And I would heed the warnings of the last one because Jesus is coming back. You are going to wish you didn't believe in Survival of the Fittest (Which is not necessarily true). Or Bacteria evolving into Chimps (Which has not been Proven to be factual). Or the formation of the Universe with the Big Bang. (You kidding me? 13.8 Billion years ago and what evidence do we have to show for it? Still waiting for the answer on that.)

  • Read the Bible

    If you take a good look in the Bible then look around you you will notice a few things. Evidence is all around you. Events in the Bible like the flood has been proven to be true. If you disagree just know I will be praying for you to make a change in your life before Jesus returns!

  • The people who espouse Christianity are responding to something that is not a result of emperical study (to find truth) but revelation.

    This world is not just made up of physical, temporal things. There is a whole layer (if you will) of metaphysical (for lack of a more descriptive word) law. Spirit is matter for example but more refined than we can see or test. Revelation does not defy logic but its workings are beyond our manipulation regardless of our efforts to debate or disprove it. That's why debating about spiritual things is counter productive. "Christianity" has been around since before the likeness of man was even found on the earth. The coming of Christ was fortold as soon as people were able to communicate. Some records were preserved of peoples experiences with God and they are found in scriptures and other writings but the bulk of experiences people have had with God are not there and the other rub is that the experiences are being recounted by imperfect people who make mistakes. One can take the pieces of information found and try to come to some intellegent conclusions about what came first and and how things fit together in history and what really matters... But the only real way to discern spiritual truth is by revelation. To say christianity is made up is to ignore mountains of spiritual evidence to the contrary.

  • A lack of historical knowledge is the reason to most the comments on the other side

    Jesus Christ was a historical figure who walked Israel and was crucified around 30 - 33 A.D. These two facts do not need to be debated as it is certified by all respected scholars and historians (yes that includes Non-Christian ones) Jesus Christ's crucifixion under the orders of Pontius Pilate is as certain as any other fact about a historical figure we know of. Bart Ehrman, an agnostic historian writes "The crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans is one of the most secure facts we have about his life" We have more evidence of Jesus Christ than Alexander the Great. The belief that Jesus didn't exist is laughed at by respected scholars and given the name "The Christ myth theory" Aside from the Biblical accounts we can quote the references from an early historian Josephus and also the Roman historian Tacitus. (Yes one of Josephus' two references is slightly disputed but not the other and certainly not the one by Tacitus) These references are authentic and considered very early records.
    Secondly, despite contrary belief Christianity was certainly not invented to control people! This claim is almost laughable at the level of historical inaccuracy as well as content inaccuracy. Christianity is not about being naive and to live according to institutional rules, instead it commands us to be "separate to the world." and to live for God and not for man. Christ was his own example of this as he lived as a maverick and was willing to die for us and his message which were against the grain of what the religious Jewish authorities lived by.
    But more importantly some time later we know for a fact that after Christ's death, the early followers were getting martyred and crucified around Rome for their beliefs. It is important that people know that unlike now, at this time the Roman Empire was in power and ruled various countries, Israel was on of them. Christianity started small but grew, as it grew it was everything that Rome had no time for. Rome ruled with an iron fist, they worshipped pagan Gods and had no time for this silly belief about "loving your fellow man" and claims of witnessing a risen God. This was considered weak and pathetic by Roman standards. (Yes Constantine eventually adopted it but this was not till the 4th century! Hundreds of years later) Many of the first Christians in the 1st century had proclaimed they had literally seen Christ returned from the dead and got sentenced to their bloody deaths for this conviction. The real questions here should be.. Did they? Or were they lying?
    In summary the belief that Christianity was invented to control people is not only weak it is so dis-proven and unsupported by conventional history that it shouldn't even be considered.

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