Is it possible that God may lose faith in humanity?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Humanity without the sinful traits.

    God first design human to give him glory, and that was all that he wanted from us, which the first human had no problem with doing, now that we are sinful we are like a broken project, usually after working on a project, like building a house, and then that house gets burn down starting all over can be hard, you know how much you put in the first time, now you have to do that the second time? Most would give up on. And that is what is happening with us, God should have given up on us along time ago, but for that fact that we are still alive today, tell us that he is still working hard to fix us, and that he has not given up on us, and I'm sure it's gonna take time to fix it, because we human are not like a building material, we not to understand why.

    God has emotions too, just like we do, our emotions are coming from him, so if we can get disappointed in ourself, I'm sure that the master of all knowledge can find us useless and disgusting at some time.

  • He did once before

    According to the Bible, God decided humanity was a lost cause once before and sent a flood. I suppose if He observes enough injustices, who's to say He won't give up on us again. The Bible describes God as loving, but the film Legion (2010) portrayed God as a vengeful deity.

  • He did once

    According to the Bible, God lost faith in and decided to exterminate humankind once before. If He observes enough injustices, who's to say He might give up on us again. The Bible describes God as loving and benevolent, but the film Legion (2010) depicted God as a vengeful and ruthless deity.

  • I Strongly Agree...Because...

    Mostly people don't believe in God because lack of evidence: No one sees him and they don't believe in the bible: Untrue and think that it made up of stories E.G. Garden of Eden: Where is it?: Athiests won't believe in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived there, with all the animals and the apple tree (where they were not allowed to touch and eat the apple, they did and were banished from the Garden of Eden by God.) because: Lack of Evidence: If the story in the bible was true then where is the Garden of Eden?-No one knows where is it in the world...And if no ones knows where...The Garden of Eden is fake: so the story of Adam and Eve is fake (According to Athiests).

    In Conclusion, If there is a rise of Athiesm, the belief of God may die out...In other words: Religion may die out in the future...

  • A different view

    Firstly I would like to embrace all opinions on spirituality and forget the troubles and stereo types of modern day religion.If we all believe in god then then there is no differences in the god we all share.I am libral open minded muslim and I embrace all people to join in on knowledge and opinions and here is mine:

    It is stated that
    Allah(god)as though you behold Him; and if you don't behold him, (know that) He surely sees you

    God has mercy on us all even if you do not seek him. Even if humanity does not have faith in god he still has faith in us,however, god has the power to do as he wills and this includes creating difficult paths in our lives. This does not mean god looses faith in us but allows us the power of choice. We are the only known creatures on this universe that has the power of intellectual choice to do good or sin.That is a gift.A power and burden. If god didn't have faith in us to prove worthy he would not give us the power of choice

    Peace be upon you all

  • There is no one to lose faith in us

    You have absolutely zero reason to say there is a god and have no way of going from "well there could be a god" to there is a god we should worship, hears our prayers, cares what we do, who we sleep and would bother to have faith in us in the first place. It really is just a silly thing to think about. PS Legion was a horrible movie 0 out of 5 kids.

  • No proof .

    There is no proof for the existence of god nor weather it's the one true religion. What about all the other religions, how do you know that they are fake? Also, using god and the bible should not be used to deny human rights for LGBT, Non Christian, etc. .

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