• Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

    Biblical apologists have long claimed that their god of choice is the "one true god" while offering shaky evidence based only on "faith". Comic books provide great, detailed accounts of storybook heroes, but offer nothing in repeatable, testable evidence that empirically proves the existence of their chosen deity- just like the Bible, Koran or Torah. These religions offer no such definitive proof of their respective gods' existence and as such cannot be taken literally. It doesn't matter what you say, or how much you believe it to be true, it simply doesn't change the facts. Religious apologists have yet to definitively prove their existence of any gods. What ever happened to Zeus? Or the other ancient gods? They are just as real as any of the Judeo-Christian gods, and the burden of proof is on the "faithful". Until there's a shred of evidence besides wacked out "miracles" with little to no supporting evidence, there is absolutely no way that any of these gods actually exist.

  • Definitely, Obviously and Completely!

    Long ago, humans had no Gods, humans were hunter gatherers and life was too busy to worry about the meaning of everything. Life was all about getting enough food for survival. Then we settled into villages and started domesticating animals and farming, somewhere in the last 100,000 years.
    So time was spent sitting around in the evenings by a fire and discussing the meaning of everything.
    Every tribe had one or more psychopathic, narcissistic or megalomaniac, who wanted more control, so quite often these men would assert that they knew the answers to the meaning of everything, to gain glory and power.
    These usurpers asserted themselves as oracles of tribal wisdom and made up all sorts of stories to explain anything questioned at these meetings.
    The simplest and laziest way to achieve this is to assert that they have connection to a divine being which created everything.
    Thus creation stories originated around these campfires with such acclaimed know-it-alls making assertions of knowledge they did not have and claiming that they gained this knowledge from having a very close association with a magical beast(s) (God(s)) who nobody can communicate with but through them, thus gaining self fabricated power over the entire tribe. Even the tribal leaders would beckon to the power and self proclaimed wisdom of the tribal witch-doctor.

    It is highly likely that Abraham was one of those usurping, self-appointed claimers of great wisdom.
    The entire Bible may be a product of one man's grope for power over his fellow tribesmen.
    Thus a total fraud!
    Aye M8z!

  • Did God create humanity or did humanity create God?

    I think this controversial question needs to be addressed because it is becoming a more prevalent philosophical topic these days. For a brief time here, I'm going to think outside the box. The idea of a supreme being who created Earth and the human race is very widely accepted, but maybe atheistic philosophies should receive as much consideration. I suppose I am open to the possibility that God is not real.

  • Science proves that there is no possibility of a bodyless mind (god) existing

    Science also proves that there is no physical heaven or hell, and that conciousness is the brain operating, so when someone is dead they don't actually have a "soul." god refers to an all powerful being, so if there is no heaven and hell, god is not all powerful, and therefore god is not god.

  • Yes, and no.

    Before I continue, this opinion is coming directly from an agnostic-atheist point of view, so I am kind of in the middle ground here.

    Yes, it is absolutely 100% possible that god may not exist. But here's the thing... You cannot prove that God doesn't either, so that can lead you to think that it is also possible god may exist.

  • Of course it is possible.

    There is so little that we actually know, and I would argue, that we can ever know. When we are talking about the concept of a transcendent being or force, it is impossible to prove it's existence scientifically, at least at this time. Therefore, it is scientifically impossible to prove the existence of a supreme being or power. I can certainly understand the atheistic stance. Maybe things really did occur by random chance, and our minds are too small to fully grasp this. Maybe it only seems that there "should" be a creator because our ancestors professed such, and it has been passed down. It is also possible that there is such a being or power. However, I am more inclined to consider the existence of god as understood in an Eastern sense, rather than a Western sense. A deity as a life force of some kind makes a lot more sense to me than a god as an absolutely supreme power that chooses to allow so much suffering on earth.

  • Yes of course it is possible!

    There can always be a possibility in there being no one true God. People can still be upright and just as guided as their fellow friends who have a faith. They can be still be guided to do the correct things by their moral ethics and principals. People who do not believe in a greater being are not wrong in their way of thinking, after all, a God is someone of high attainment of enlightenment and wisdom that people look up to as a role model. God is a product of hope for people who are in desperation and are in need of advice from a wise role model. The word God is a root of human sanity and that it has been created by people over time so as to help them confide in someone whom they truly believe is omnipresent and omnipotent. God is ultimately just a representation of hope and that people look up to their idol for hope and advice in times of need. Think of it as something that people created to fill up a gap that was missing in human life, Hope. God is a form of reasoning by humans and people have placed so much trust in it that over time it has became interlocked and intertwined into our society as a whole. That is how the word God and the belief that a higher presence is there to guide us and to give us advice came from.

  • God does not exist not may

    God, equally with gods, angels, demons, spirits, and other small spiritual fry, is a human product, arising inevitably from a certain kind of ignorance and a certain degree of helplessness with respect to man's external environment. – Julian Huxley


  • Of course it is

    Humanity has had no way of determining if a deity or deities does or does not exist. With that, it is very possible that there are no deities and creationism is wrong. By creationism, I mean all religions, not just Christianity. It is possible (but unlikely in my own mind) that there is a deity and we were divinely created. There is no way of knowing right now; science has not disproved religion entirely and religion has not disproved science. For all we know there could a million different gods and goddesses, for all we know the "gods" and/or "goddesses" are just aliens, for all we know we don't know anything.

  • Of Course It Is!

    I am very sure that even most strongly religious Christians, Muslims, Jews etc will agree on this. OF COURSE it is possible. I myself am an atheist, so I don't believe in any kind of God, but i'm very sure that it is likely religious men and women know that that it is possible there isn't a god.

  • Many atheists seem confident that He doesn't exist.

    To answer the question, no. I don't doubt His existence simply because He has given me the assurance of it through His marvelous creation.

    But consider: could the opposite be true? Is there a possibility that He could exist? Could all atheists out there, from Dawkins to Maher, be devoting there entire lives to attempting to disprove and reject an Entity's existence that may just be plausible?

  • Does god still exist?

    YES. Definitely. He exists. I mean, just think about it, who made this world? The big bang theory is so unrealistic. Some sort of molecules mashed together and it becomes earth? Who made you? Are you some sort of monkey? When you were born, did your mother tell you 'you looked like a monkey?'God's word is true. It comes together as a wonderful story. There is prove Noah's ark is still there and scientist know it but don't believe it. Scientist are just humans like us. We should have our say. This is true.

  • The chances are big of an Intelligent Designer.

    Most people accept the fact that there is a Creator God amidst our lives, who made us and some believe He loves us. Even Richard Dawkins admitted there is some sort of Creator out there, because it is totally and ridiculously improbable that we came into being without a God.

  • I know that so much

    There are so many people out there that don't believe in god but i do and its a good thing. Although many people don't believe i do cuz the big bang theory who made that crap up? I mean its unreal people believe in that stuff. Scince when was there people with no religion?

  • Well duh god is real!!!!

    How could've someone made this huge fake book and called it the Bible, made this little tablet of rules and called it the ten commandments, and created the whole world and every state of being in the world? All of those people who think angels are not real, no devil, no God or Savior or anything will all not have a funeral and will be thrown in a pit of dirt and people will say "Eh, that job is done." Wow, all you Christians out there know all those people who don't believe in the Word of God will be thrown over with the devil and you will be crushed when you are dead. What's going to happen to all you non-believers that go with the devil? Someday, when Jesus is reborn on earth and all those who are good will go to heaven, and those who are not will return to the earth and be burned along with the whole world. We were never monkeys or something like that, we were created from dust and the breath of life in our bodies. No weird organism or gravitational pull of something stupid like that created us humans that were supposed to just like rule the world or something? Maybe someday God will punish the world even worse than what happened to Noah and his family. I bet if God hadn't made that covenant with Noah we would've all gone except those who believed. You might've all drowned in lava, or gotten pulled into the sun while God spared those who praised His name. You may have gotten shot off into space and freeze to death without the sun. There is no proof God is not real, but something had to have made the earth and we are not just a bunch of molecules that were mashed together to make a living being who can talk and reproduce and do all the things we can do.

  • God IS God

    Gods existence is manifest in and around all of life, BUT you must BE part of Him to see it. What that means is that you have genuinely and with open eyes and clear mind gone into search for Him. In so doing, God seeing you earnestly search for Him, will COME TO YOU! He will not only SHOW you personally that He exists, but will also provide you right then and there to CHOOSE! He does this by providing concrete absolute proof to YOU PERSONALLY, the proof is both real and beyond question ..... BUT, then the choice becomes, do I accept this provided truth? Or will I suppress this truth and walk away! You see the truth is given in such a way that you HAVE to willfully and deliberately DENY Him, and suppress the truth. I can describe it no other way. But KNOW that no one who KNOWS God, is doing it by wishful thinking, He (God) proves Himself! You leave with the full knowledge that God, IS Real, The Devil IS Real, Hell IS Real and thankfully Heaven IS Real, and that's where your going! IF your His child .... If not? Well .....

  • God definitely exists

    If God didn't exist then how did the universe begin? If God didn't exist then how can we justify any sort of morality? If God didn't exist then how was Jesus raised from the dead?

    After reading book after book and page after page of internet articles I have yet to find a satisfactory answer to any of these questions without some sort of God.
    The simple fact is that God must exist, whether you like it or not.

  • NO GOD was never created

    GOD is not a person. He is a spirit. No one can create spirits now can they? GOD has been protecting you all and you away from him. He won't forget this. But He still loves you. He loves all of you. That I can guarantee you guys and girls.

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