Is it possible that Italians have Indian DNA?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The girl I put in the pic

    Has round Middle Eastern/Indian eyes. I believe there was a great Indian migration to Italy sometime 100s and 100s of years ago! Lol. I believe Italians (especially those in the south and Sicily) have those traits (as opposed to the more Roman and Celtic north). I believe so. Haha. Stacie Orrico looks very Indian/Middle Eastern. Very cute.

  • Historical evidences and facial features

    There are historical evidences that there was a ancient relations with India. This part of history is being covered up by the British concocted history like Aryan invasion and alteration of Alexander the Great history. Facial features of people claiming to be pure Italian especially the ones with dark hair look strikingly similar to Indians. Literally they can go to India and mingle in the crowd without anyone realizing they are not from India. There was actually a gene pool study going on regarding this but several European countries including Italy banned the study. One of the reasons being it would affect their Caucasian status.

  • Italians Ma have Indian Dna

    I think that There might be some connection between the italians and Indian . If we look back a century ago .. There were many Europeans that had landed on the coast of India . I know for sure that Portuguese, French, Dutch and British were the 4 most strongest countries that had landed on the coast of India ( known as Malabar coast ) ... I think Italians would have come here too for trading purposes as there were huge variety of spices etc.. I think due to establish of Trade with India and Italy , They would have thought to conquer some of the place ... I think Italian would have married some of the Indian Ladies at those time ( learning the fact that at those times India was broken into many district and each district was ruled by a king . To conquer many of those land , hey would negotiate and take over those lands ).
    However , i think it would be because of some geographical reasons .. Countries like Iraq , iran and Saudi arabia would have helped in this affect

  • Very possibly an influence,

    That's an interesting question, might be worth looking into further. I would think that it is possible. The location of Italy probably made the area an ancient melting pot. I suspect a Mediterranean, North African, and near/Mid Eastern influence, with a heavier European influence in the North of Italy. I can see that older migrations might originated in the area of India. The southern part of Italy may differ considerably from the northern part of the country genetically. There's a long and continuous history of occupation in this area , and I suspect a substantial amount of cultural blending has occurred due to its proximity to other landmasses. . I wonder if there have been detailed genetic/DNA studies of the Italian people? I suspect that a number of anthropological studies have been done. It is possible that the physical traits that you mentioned may be less related to Indian ancestry and more related to more recent blending of European, Near/Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African traits.

  • Interracial marriage is wrong.

    The races are currently pure. If we allow Italans to start mixing with Dravidians, then this whole world will go to sh*t. I mean, how come India and Italy both are in the sh*tter? If we mix the two races, the sh*t will multiply and become sh*t squared! I blame Obama!

  • I don't think so

    Speaking about origins... I'm Italian, I have studied the history of my country and I've never read anything about Indian's origins. Years ago Latins were influenced especially by barbarian (from the north), Greeks, Middle Eastern and later by Africans populations.
    In any cas we can't be absolutely sure about our DNA, it dipends from person to person. And we know the gene of our parents, but we can't go back to all our forebears.

  • As a Punjabi, I say No

    I am a Punjabi of HIgh Caste Rajput heritage. From what I know of my ancestry and the ancestry of many High Caste Indians is that we originated from Aryans who conquered the Dark-skinned Dravidians.
    We only breed with one another through the caste system which restricts marriages between Low Caste Dravidians and High Caste Aryans.

    Italians are not Aryans as they are descended from Germanic tribes that conquered the Roman population thousands of years ago.
    They are mixed with Africans, Arabs and Jews amongst many things.

    Italy and India do not have any specific gene pool links. But groups in each country share common roots. Such as Romans, Greeks and Upper Caste Aryans.

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