Is it possible to appreciate (foreign language) music if you cant understand the lyrics?

  • I love and appreciate music of all languages!

    Music is universal; a message can be communicated in more ways than one. Music can express a thought or a feeling without the need of language. I listen to Yulia Savicheva (Russian), Jesse & Joy (Spanish), Stromae (French), Keren Peles (Hebrew), and many more. It isn't about the specific words they are saying. It's about the message they are giving. If anyone does wish to translate the song lyrics, there are many resources for that as well. There is no reason to limit yourself to music in only one language.

  • I believe it is.

    I am of the opinion that the South Korean singer Baek Ji Young has one of the best voices ever to grace music. Honestly, I understand relatively very little of what she sings, but her voice is enchanting and is like an instrument that contributes to the beauty of the music. Give her "Don't Forget" a listen and be blown away in my opinion.

  • Yes!!! e.g. Me

    I speak very very little Spanish (not enough to get around without my Dad is Mexico), But I love listening to Vicente Fernandez, Ramon Ayala, and Chalino Sanchez. You can feel the beat of the music, and the feeling in their voice which is more noticeable since you have no idea what they're saying. Still, I wish I knew what the song was about. But not knowing is a different appreciation of the song.

  • Emotion transcends words.

    You can feel what someone is singing about through their tone of voice, if they sing well. If not the content, then the singer's feelings about it. And that's what counts to appreciate music. It may not need to apply directly to your life, it just has to arouse your feelings. Not understanding the words may even help expose the core feelings from details of life.

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