• Yes Cause Im A Dog With A Hot Dog With Dying Babies On Top

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  • It's true to be perfectly happy for a few minutes be4 u realize ur homework😂😉

    Yes it is true cause I'm so happy I've done my work or I can finally chill or the new 1D album has downloaded on my phone ( it still hasn't Internet is slow😩😢😞😔) then you realize something else must be done for e.g. My computer assignment ( OMG I forgot that for realz) so yea I was happy and now I'm annoyed that my teacher who knows I hate computer class made us do an extra assignment!😡
    I'm dropping the subject next year!😡

  • There are a couple moments in your life that you can be perfectly happy, just for few minutes.

    Is It Possible To Be Perfectly Happy?

    Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

    We can't change everything in life but we can change the way we experience it. For example, if you got the flu. You can look at it by saying this sucks, why me! Or you look at it by saying at least there is a very low probability of getting the flu again and the icee machine they have here is sooo good. You have to live every moment as if it is a gift.

    I think that anybody can be perfectly happy if they are optimistic enough. I shall quote to you what Moreese Bickham said uttered upon being released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary being there 37 years for a crime he did not commit. “I don’t have one minutes regret. It was a glorious experience. This shows that anyone can be perfectly happy even under harsh circumstances.

    More choices create less happiness. For example, There was a photography class and they went and took pictures of things all around the campus. They then got to choose two of their favourite pictures and got them blown up. The class was then told that they could only have one of the two pictures. Half the class was told that they could choose one picture right now and swap it out anytime over the next four days. The other half was told that they had to make a choice in the next four minutes and that was it, they got no swapping or anything. They were trapped. Well guess what! As it turns out the people who were trapped turned out to be happier than the people who had choice to swap their photos out. Why was this? Because the people who had a choice to swap it out kept asking themselves whether or not switch it out and even after the four days were done they kept beating themselves down with the question. Should I have swapped it out or did I make the right choice? This shows that more choices create less happiness, because your mind starts beating itself when you have too many choices. Thus, by limiting your choices you can make your life happier.

    Therefore by looking at life through a different lens, by being positive/optimistic, and by being grateful for every moment you are giving and living it up to its true potential one can be perfectly happy,

  • You don't to have a perfect life to be perfectly happy.

    There are some people who search their whole lives to be perfectly happy, but happiness doesn't come with a perfect life. It is possible to be perfectly happy because some find happiness with all the imperfections in their lives. For example, one might like their life with lazy husbands and small children. Those who are perfectly happy in life look on the brightside. They think they have wonderful, sweet husbands anyways, and adorable children.

  • Happiness is relative.

    I know for a fact that someone can be perfectly happy, because I am perfectly happy. Even though I may go through these tough times like everyone else, I have learned to be content with what I have, and to appreciate the little things in life.

    Happiness is relative. Some people may need love to fill the void, others find success sufficient. If someone needs a hundred Bugatti's, a million bucks, and all the males/females they can handle to be happy, then I doubt they'll ever achieve that. However, if one only needs their own beliefs or the fact that they are living through this beautiful experience called life, then it is very easy to be happy.

  • Yes, it is possible.

    From what I have learned, if you are poor, without a penny to your name, you may become happy. If you cherish what you own and have no other desire, you may be truly happy. Happiness in not attained through physical wonder (money, cars, mansion, etc.) but is attained through a state of mind in which you do not want anything more, want any less, or wish for certain aspects of your life to go away. When you lose all desire, you may become perfectly happy.

  • Self Defined Goal

    How do you define happiness here? A man can be content even in bitter conditions. A man can be miserable in great conditions. Your own happiness is dependent not on your circumstances but on your own view of your circumstances. If you set your standard of happiness beyond realistic reach or place it in something bound to disappoint you will never find happiness. But if all you need to be happy is to be alive and with your family then yes you can be happy.

  • You can be perfectly happy for a moment. There are perfect moments in life, just not perfect lives.

    Perfection is an opinion and not a fact. It may be perceived as fact, but with time that proves false. You can say that in your opinion you are perfectly happy given your current view of happiness, but the fact is nobody can control their lives completely. The can be in denial of a negative feeling, which gives them a false sense of happiness

  • Life can't always go your way.

    Trust me, and I learned this the hard way that nobody is perfect, we all have moments that we do not like. Although, there are some people that ignore the bad in the world just to make theirself happy. Although I think that nobody is perfectly happy all the time, they could be happy MOST of the time. But I'm sticking with my opinion of no.

  • No wrong then no right

    Nothing is perfect, and if you looking for something like total happy, it doesn't exist. Like I said, no wrong then no right, by which I mean that we only feel perfectly happy after we get through the bad things, the unhappy moments. If we never know what miserable mean, how can we touch the happiness? If we pass a terrible moment and then we have happiness, this happiness now is half-perfect because of the terrible thing happening before.

  • Happiness depends on you

    Can you live happy for your whole life! There are two types of people's . The first one thinks that sadness is a part of our life. We have to face it weather we want or not.We can't live happy in our whole life. And second one thinks that happiness and sadness depend on our own will.If we are positive minded we can live happy in our whole life.If we are negative thinkers we can't be happy in any condition

  • Is it possible to be perfectly happy!

    No, it is not possible to be perfectly happy because sadness is a part of our life. We have to face it weather we want or not. Sometimes it happens that we work hard and didn't received what we expected. So it results in sadness.But if you are positive in every manner then you can be perfectly happy

  • Human nature forces us to be unhappy

    The more you have, emotionally and physically, the more you want, it is impossible for someone to have 'everything' and the the greed embedded in human nature will make you unhappy and unfulfilled, only to be happy when we believe, truly and unconditionally that we have everything emotionally and physically, which we never will.

  • Happiness is a journey not a destination

    Today ur happy enjoy because you dont know wht tomorrow holds. Life has ups and downs so dont expect everyday to be olny ups, and dont forget tht with hardship comes ease u will hav 2 face sorrow and sadness for happiness 2 come and you cannot know how happiness feels if u havent experience happiness. So it not possible 2 be entirely happy.

  • We always want more.

    Everyday we get something we want. We get food, water, something that would make other people's days. However if you are looking at this you probably don't get handed a biscuit and then scream with happiness. Right? That's because we have it everyday. Provided. Period. You don't usually go starving for days because you don't have food. Do you? I mean, if your parents gave you the newest, most expensive apple product you would be happy right? But then you would think of one of your friends who has something better, something that you want more than that newest, most expensive apple product. You can definitely be happy. But never perfectly happy. Nothing in this world is perfect. So no one can be perfectly happy ever. I am a very happy person so I am usually not this negative but has anybody ever been perfectly happy? I don't think so. Maybe for like a few seconds or minutes but not more than that. If you were perfectly happy there would never be such thing as sadness in your life. That's never happened though so...

  • Perfect is such a vague term

    If you were completely and utterly happy at all times, happiness would not be as unique and amazing as it is
    Happiness would turn to content
    Content to complacency
    Complacency to boredom
    And eventually you would not be happy at all

    But complete happiness for an instant does have a name

    It is called an orgasm

  • Life has obstacles.

    The world, as I see it, is divided into to sections: Unhappy people with problems, and happy people with problems. If you were to look back on your life right now, you would find that you have either a minimal amount of problems, or a large amount of problems. I would say this could happen to anyone at any age, except older people still tend to have a lot worse problems. Anyways, I think people can be happy, but to use the word "perfectly" is a bit of an exaggeration, because there will always be something wrong or flawed with our world.

  • There needs to be a definition of the terms.

    I state my opinion based upon the definition of "perfectly".

    According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, perfectly means "in a manner or way that could not be better."

    Based upon this definition of the term, we can determine that we can never be perfectly happy because there is always a way to be happier. If it were possible to be perfectly happy, and if there were people who were perfectly happy, then there would be no need to strive for betterment in one's own life.

    If you are posing that it is possible to be perfectly happy at particular moments in life, then I would have to agree with you. I would agree that on a person's wedding day, they are indeed perfectly happy, but this perfect happiness does not last, hence the growing rate of infidelity and divorce.

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