• With large intervention.

    Yes, it is possible to dismantle Syria's chemical arsenal, but it would take a large-scale intervention to find all of the weapons. This would be a good time to do it, because Syria is in the middle of a civil war. The United States could combine the effort to bring peace to the region with an anti-weapon campaign.

  • Of Course It Is Possible

    I believe it is possible to dismantle Syria's chemical arsenal, but the problem with this suggestion is how it would be done. Obama wanted to use military force in regards to Syria which would have probably included dismantling their chemical arsenal, however Putin was against this tactic. It's not that the crisis can't be handled, it's the fact that countries can't agree how to handle it.

  • We sure could

    I think that it is possible to take apart Syria's chemical arsenal. All we have to do is do a surprise attack on them, and go in and take it apart ourselves, and make sure that they can not use a chemical weapon on us or anyone that could make them mad.

  • Dismantle Syria Arsenal

    It is always possible to topple one's ammunition. That is what war is all about. The fallacy in dismantling Syria's arsenal is the retaliation that most likely would result. Syria has already had an incident with the United States Embassy and it is unlikely that the country with less power than the United States would want to have a war. Therefore, it is possible to dismantle Syria chemical arsenal but to do so would not be a wise choice.

  • No, Assad cannot be trusted.

    Bashar Al Assad is not a trustworthy person in any respect. He has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people and lied about the nature and extent of his chemical weapons. If he has anything to do with the dismantling of Syria's chemical arsenal, there will certainly be a public dismantling of some weapons, but I believe Assad will always have some hidden weapons or the ability and desire to obtain them.

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