Is it possible to eradicate violence in the world?

  • Yes it is possible to live in world without violence

    In this world everyone is problem but every problem has a solution and it can be attained through peace but people opt for violence they think its shortcut but they dont know the harm we can change the world by talking to each other and listening to each other what happens in conversation is we dont listen we need to listen there is peace and we dont need violence to destroy us we just need to choose the right path peace peace its the only thing this world need.People dont go for violence talk to each other you dont need to kill each other lets talk and save ourself and our family

  • Violence is a human construct

    Everyday acts of violence take place that can be stopped. Violence is not necessary although is used to get to the root of human meaning as people look to add value and meaning to their life. With this I challenge everyone reading this piece to think about how they can remove violence. However small the act of violence is.

  • We must govern violence as not acceptable and punish accordingly.

    If we truly wanted to eradicate violence, then we must all work together to help everyone at least have their basic needs met. We have the resources as a world to feed, cloth, and shelter everyone. We do have these resources, and without these basic needs - people desperate for basic survival will naturally turn to violence to survive... Step one is helping all to have basic needs met... That means food shelter and clothing. Not cable TV and Internet. Nor cell phones. Step 2 is to punish violence, remove it from movies to a large degree... Remove from video games... Punish those whom are violent and bully's instead of rewarding them with higher positions of power in today's corporations or political environments. Fines should be given to those who are violent, and if they can't behave in society, they should be isolated. Not in a prison with all the violent individuals planning and scheming, but with positive influences that can truly help to train, and possible reprogram individuals away from violent behaviors... This must happen for as long as it takes... Maybe a year, maybe a lifetime - or anywhere in between.... Let the behavior drive the sentence...Not the opposite way around as we do today.... If we follow this model, we can take back the world peacefully again, and step the tide of violence that washes upon our shores each and every day....

  • I wish it would be but never going to happen.

    As long as people are paid to use violence like police officers against criminals or soldiers against enemies, it will never ever disappear. But also lowly educated, testosterone-pumped losers who can't handle the feeling of being disrespected will always try to feel better by making someone else suffer more than they do.

  • Kkk is involved

    Yes the kkk is involved, kkk started the violence towards all black people, even now they arent erased and all white folks have a hate for blacks somewhere in their hearts.
    But there will never be equal or peace in this world until we all unite but that will never happen becuase humans are selfish

  • Kkk is involved

    Yes the kkk is involved, kkk started the violence towards all black people, even now they arent erased and all white folks have a hate for blacks somewhere in their hearts.
    But there will never be equal or peace in this world until we all unite but that will never happen becuase humans are selfish

  • Human nature sad but true

    It's human nature to be selfish. It's unfortunate but true. And with selfishness comes violence. Violence out of need, violence out of greed. Selfishness is the main reason for most world issues. But anger also causes violence and you can't just stop people from getting angry. Not to mention psychopaths who kill because of reasons wrong with their own psychology.

  • Violence will, and forever will be, present in our world.

    Violence is natural, people have different opinions, survival instincts, etc. and this will lead to violence. Starting with opinions, people will always disagree and eventually will be angered to which it will result in violence. Violence is a big way to get a point across or to draw attention to your very opinion, violent protests, war. Violence also settles many arguments. Secondly, violence isn't only used by humans, it's also used by animals by survival. A tiger attacking it's prey is survival because it needs food to survive. It uses violence to do this.

  • No, humans have mixed motives.

    Human beings can live from their better nature which is motivated by doing what is good and productive and helpful. But human beings can also live from a place of greed and anger. As long as we are human, there will be some who choose more from one side than the other.

  • The meaning changes

    No. Violence will never be eradicated. Even if we evolved into beings that seem perfect to us, a nonviolent species, they will not think that way. What we think of as violent aren't the same as our forefathers because humans can never be content and we strive to better ourselves.

  • Human Nature Will Not Allow It

    No, it is not possible to eradicate violence in the world. Violence and cruelty go hand in hand. There will always be people who seem to want, or need violence in their lives. Think of the young child who starts innocently killing insects then graduates to being cruel to puppies by pulling their ears and tails. That child becomes a teenager and may blow up groundhogs with firecrackers, and then one day may start hurting people, may become violent. Then there are religious fanatics who live and breathe violence for the sake of their religion. And we must not forget addicts who commit violent crimes out of the need for more drug money. Until people accept one another unconditionally, stop holding petty or imagined grudges, and respect other people’s lives, homes and possessions, we do not stand a chance of even trying to stop violence in our world.

  • No it is not.

    Unfortunately, it would be completely impossible to eradicate violence entirely from the world. There are always going to be people who go against the norms that tell people to live peacefully. Even if all people agreed to live in peace, there are still those who are mentally ill and whose illnesses cause such tragedies as the Newton school shooting in CT.

  • Violence will never end in the world!

    No matter how much one prays, the truth of the matter is that violence is part of God's plan and it will be on earth until the second coming. I'm not a religious freak, but I do believe in what is written in the Bible. There can be no real disputing of its words or messages.

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