Is it possible to fall in love with someone online?

Asked by: OpinionatedNerd
  • Yes, it happens....

    All of the time, people get into long distance relationships (or ldr). They are a very sweet relationship, and proves that love doesn't matter the distance. They are hard to maintain, since the couple cannot physically touch, but they are sweet, because it gives something to look for, you love.

  • It Could Happen

    Well, I don't see why not. Assuming both parties speak honestly when they talk, then they might actually get to know each other and like one another. An online relationship just implies that there is not a physical aspect to the love, which honestly, some people can actually go without. Love isn't the physical hugging and kissing and all that, its the caring about a person. So- if you knew that person, even if just online, you could come to care for them.

  • Yes, (100% agree)

    I met my soulmate on a virtual world called Animal Jam, we were roleplaying together and she told me her twitter username so that I could meet up with her in a non-censored website. On twitter, I found out that she lived in a completely different country... So I moved. Now we are happily married with one girl and a boy on the way!

  • Distance means nothing when someone means everything.

    It can happen, it happened to me! It is harder to have a long distance relationship. It takes a looooot of patience and trust but it can work. Communication is key too, you must communicate because being apart from each other, you can't read body language. Long distance relationships are harder because there is more stress in things like jealousy (you don't know if they are seeing some one, married to someone or even have kids with someone), stress from having to keep putting credit or data on your phone which can cause financial issues, not being able to hug them and a lot more. Though these issues can be present, love can still shine through if the love is for the right reasons. It worked for me!

  • Love is love.

    Online relationships are just as real as any other relationship. If you meet someone that you truly love it shouldn't matter if it's online or not. Distance means nothing when you meet someone that you connect with, that you can open up to and that you can truly be yourself around.

  • I want to say yes, But practically no

    I used to think so, But you can't fall in love with someone you haven't seen in real life. The modern world is filled with too much technology in my opinion. I'm struggling to get over someone I met online, But I'll get there. It’s just so much better to meet someone in real life, Who you can touch and talk to face to face.

    This is a little bit irrelevant, But do you know the singer Pixie Lott? I have a little bit of a crush on her, Only because she’s drop dead gorgeous, I don’t love her or anything, But I was looking at photos of her and her fiance Oliver Cheshire on Google, And I thought about the way they know each other. I wish me and the person I met online could be together like Pixie and Oliver are. You can’t walk to the park with someone you meet online, You can’t hold hands or physically touch someone you meet online, So you can’t fall in love until you do touch them and look into their eyes. Every relationship is different, Not every relationship is on the bloody internet.

    Maybe I did fall in love with the person I met online, But even if I did, It’s gone now. We are finished. We need to move on and meet someone in real life. I want to meet someone in real life and maybe get married and start a family. Believe me.

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