• It is possible to fix New York's highways

    It is my opinion that the highways of New York can be fixed. Though some of the highways of New York are very old, a restoration project could be highly beneficial and effective in fixing the various issues that are present. Public funding would provide the necessary capitol required to fix New York's highways.

  • Of course it is.

    It is definitely possible to fix New York's highways. It can be done very quickly with modern technology too. I watched them do almost all of the high ways and interstates in the Hudson Valley over the summer. Of course there is less traffic and much less of a population, but it is more than acheivable.

  • Yes, I think New York's highways can be fixed.

    I definitely think that the highways of New York can be fixed. While there are a lot of logistical and financial issues that need to be taken into account, I think the problems with the highways of New York can be fixed. It just requires both cooperation from the people of New York and the government.

  • Of Course It Is

    It is always possible to fix highways or repair them, so New York's problems are just as fixable as any other states roadway issues. The Midwest and south have very good roadways, but less population and these projects are still funded. Are people in the state of New York simply not paying enough taxes or is the money being wasted or worse yet, stolen?

  • Anything is possible, including fixing NY's highways, just not probable.

    New York's highway system sees extreme use. Traffic to and from job locations is enormous. There is even mass transit that uses the highways so often, that there are grooves where the buses travel. The maintenance of these highways is so constant, that it seems the whole state is in a constant state of "road work ahead." The probability of fixing the highways is dependent on travel being reduced. The less people on the road, the less wear and tear. That leads to less time required to repair. Basically, if New York wants nicer roadways, stop driving.

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