Is it possible to have a metaphysical experience if you make a great discovery?

  • I do not see why not

    This is why I do not like philosophy. For the most part is abstract nonsense and though it is supposed to be based in reality, many times, it simply is not. Metaphysics is an infuriating subject. But, I suspect if someone, if they believe in metaphysics, could have one of these experiences. Whatever that may be.

  • Metaphysics are everywhere

    It is not even necessary to have a great discovery to undergo a metaphysical experience. it's possible to simply sit on the couch and ruminate about or consider metaphysics. These grand discoveries simply provide for greater illumination about metaphysical experiences that are otherwise accessible. They just seem greater in these moments.

  • Anything is possible

    I guess the euphoria of finding something that one might have been searching for their whole life could bring such an experience. That is how some people become religious, but most people who follow science know that it is just a chemical reaction in the body. Many people have a metaphysical experience when tragic accidents happen, such as a car accident, or when someone becomes to intoxicated from drugs.

  • Yes, metaphysical experience is possible.

    I think that it is definitely possible for somebody to experience a metaphysical experience when making a great discovery. I think some people might make such an amazing discovery that they experience something that goes beyond scientific explanations. I think that such things are possible. I even know some friends who claim to have experienced it.

  • No not related

    Metaphysics has no bearing or relation to any discovery that is not of metaphysical implications. For instance the discovery of a new specie or a large reserve of oil in an area that is totally unrelated to such finds constitute a metaphysical experience, i beg to differ from such notions

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