• Religion is a virus

    It is a mental illness that we happily give our children. Without it u wouldn't see children hating on gays. That is just one cheap and easy example. It is a virus, a virus of the brain. Searching for the truth doesn't require denominations. Religious people r sick in th head. Great them as such. Make them seek help

  • Yes, and it is beneficial too.

    As a United States resident, I personally believe that a world without religion would at least be better in the U.S. I don't know about the rest of the world, but what I do know is that is would allow true freedom that this country promises. People are persecuted for speaking their opinion, even though it is a constitutional right, often because of religious beliefs. Gays are persecuted by Christians and Bible literalists, Atheists are often outcasted, and Muslims are constantly persecuted (and joked about) by the Christian majority. Also, without religion, our nation would never have experienced the 9/11 attacks, because those, and the war we are currently fighting, were caused by Islamic anti-American beliefs. Again, I'm not sure about other countries, but I know that it would help America achieve true freedom.

  • Religion is just an inheritance.

    Religion is not a choice. It is inherited from our ancestors. In ancient time our ancestors lived in small groups to be safe. Whoever was the strongest would lead the group. The leader was a dominated figure and he believed on whatever he could not comprehend.
    At ancient time, there were nothing to refer to. Day to day experiences became rules of thumb. Very likely, there were aliens then. The aliens appeared in their space ship from the sky. They were being worshiped as gods. That was the beginning of Religion.
    We cannot choose our parents, hence whatever our parents' religion will be very likely our. Hence, religions is just an inheritance from our parents.
    At one time, there might need religion due to no choice. But as it is now, religion is no longer needed.

  • Less religion - more awareness

    At the heart of man's need for religion
    lies a basic desire for truth. After all, if something created is ignorant of its creator and the reason for its creation, it will inevitably set out on a quest for answers to those questions. Religion and Science are where those answers appear to dwell, so this is where people go looking. Unfortunately, the nature of being human means that these big questions remain unanswerable to human consciousness. It is only by accepting and surrendering to this notion that people will find a living peace and truth in the knowledge of who they are, what they are and where they live. Ultimately, truth lies within the limits of the humanly knowable and a nurturing of internal self awareness rather than an explanation of external motives, including religion and science, as a way of understanding the nature of human existence.

  • A world without religion would be a true paradise.

    Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. Those words from John Lennon have never been truer than they are today in this age of modern religious intolerance. Religion is no longer an inspirational or affirming activity, but a way of justifying your hate for your fellow humans. I think it's possible to have a world without religion, eliminating that hatred, and a lot of other social ills as well.

  • If we don't try we'll never know.

    The world would be a better place without religion.

    It would definitely not be perfect, however, it would lead to more people thinking for themselves. Wars would still take place, governments would still be corrupt, however without the added influence of powerful religions who's beliefs are founded in nothing more than myths and heresy, much progress would be made. Especially in countries such as the USA where the belief in 'god' is dominating many of the important decisions the government are making, the disposal of religion is required in order for the country to actually progress. Having a religion's morals dominate the government of a country is extremely foolish, considering most religions were founded excess of centuries ago, in a cultural setting very different to today.

    I think we're all too keen to recoil into the sheltered arms of religion and say that the world will never denounce the existence of a 'god' or 'gods'. It is painful for people to let go of their beliefs, especially a belief that guarantees them an afterlife, one that gives them hope. I went through that exact process and it was extremely hard, however I came out no worse for wear with no regrets. If it will make the world a better place, why don't we go for it? We never know unless we try.

  • Anything in this world is possible

    Thinking about this subject lets think about this world. The death of Mandala recently brightly shines the way the world can unite, I think if we can unite together, and work together, everything is possible
    what we actually need to do is to think of a strong idea, this idea has to be so strong that it can persuade the world that we dont need religion, so strong that even the religious extremes can stop and think about this idea..... Thank You Anonymous

  • If only We Could Replace Religion With An Overabundance Of Empathy And Education.

    When every single person on the earth is given the freedom of unlimited and open education, only then will we see a progression towards a world-unified and empathetic species. It's from the bottom up, not the top down, that will be the driving force for humankinds progression away from religion. Religion will not be "ripped" away from the minds of the common man, buy governments or ruling parties. It will be the individual, who educates themselves through, and out of the "fog" of mysticism. Empathy will save the world. Empathy can thrive and prosper without religion. Empathy will unify the world.

    Id like to ask a few questions that this question of religion razes within myself:

    1) How will we grant access to every person on this planet, free and unlimited access to education?

    2) How do we educate ourselves without bias?

    3) Is the "entity" of mental and physical oppression of a group, capable of containing and perpetually limiting education, or is "it" more likely to repel individuals over time, to seek freedom, though "its own self" created cracks?

    Mike Colbourne,
    Educated Empathetic

  • It is possible to have a world without religion

    And the debates on the internet and between people and groups demonstrates the progression from a time when people who opposed religion would have been jailed or killed to now when people can choose to be atheist. As time progresses more and more people will educate themselves and choose to not believe in a supernatural deity. I look forward to that day, even if it isn't in my life. As other people have pointed out the reasons for creating religion in the past, such as explaining natural events (storms, death of loved ones), have been replaced with knowledge and science so that we as a society no longer need religion.

  • Humans Will Advance

    The human race have gone through many cultural changes over the years that have not changed them. If we lived in a world with no religions, humans would adapt to their cultural lifestyle.
    Many successful people were raised atheist. They still have mainstream morals, they didn't need religion for that.
    Humans will advance and succeed in the end. For religion will remove a barrier between all people, and no argument ends in "it's my belief".

  • It is not

    Despite what John Lennon may think, a world without religion would not be all it's cracked up to be. Some claim religion causes wars, but wars are caused by many factors, land disputes, personal grudges, resources etc. Some of the worst offenders in fact were atheists, such as Stalin. Also, how are you defining religion? Atheism can be a religion in and of itself if it makes the absolute claim that God does not exist.

  • No and we don't WANT that.

    I'm not a religious fanatic by any means as the headline might make me out to be. My opinion is simply that if religion suddenly vanished, which by definition is something that people believe in that is higher than themselves, then less and less people would have motivation to accomplish even the smallest of tasks, and our world would eventually become one without morality. Eventually people would find things to worship. That is how our minds our programmed. That is how we're wired. If it's not a god it's material possessions. Everything is a religion in its own right

  • God will always make himself known

    The creation will always testify of God's presence and authority as our creator. Its wonders and complexity will always cause men to seek their creator. I have rarely met an 8 year old athiest. Athiesm is learned and developed. The natural tendency of man will always be to find out more about their creator.

  • A world without religion is not possible.

    People will always try to fill in the blanks to which they do not understand. People do not know for certain how the world was created. We want to create a logical definition of the universe, of things that seem like "godly" or crazy power. We need to believe in something, or we would go crazy.

  • I don't think it's possible, nor is it right.

    I believe that inherently most people are aware of a divine spirit being present in our lives. I don't feel that it is necessary to have a world without religion. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy that spiritualism and not persecuted for it, though. But I don't think abolishing religion would be a smart move.

  • Atheism itself is a religion

    Atheism has all the feature of a religion .It has a believe system theoretical physics , darwinism , etc . It has its prophets like all the atheist philosophers and scientists . Its has millenarian thoughts like that religion is corrupting the world and great cleansing is needed and when it is done the world would become a utopia . It is a religion in every sense . Its like budhism and jainism of modern era . Its a natural philosophy religion . Atheist worship nature but they do not admit it and yeah there fanatic athiests as well but they do not admit it that they are fanatic .

  • It would not change anything

    Humans by nature are flawed. Without religion, people would act worse. Religion is supposed to be a way of connecting to the world in a way that science and realism could never comprehend. Expect a more disconnected world, and a lack of real families. Religion is important the same way food is important. We seek the truth the same way others hunger, and that is what religion is all about.

  • Unfortunately no, it wouldn't be possible

    Although the world may be a better place without religion, I don't think it would be possible. Even if scientific proof was provided for the creation of earth, man would always believe in a form of religion because we will always want to believe that there is something after death, always someone who cares. The alternative for many people would be fear, loneliness and loss of hope. It's not just that religion fills in the blanks, but it gives hope that all the struggles people have faced were worth something and there is more to life than the future that faces them on earth. I'm personally not religious at all, but I think a world without religion would never be possible.

  • Equal Distribution of Wealth

    I think for some people life will be a bit more difficult without religion. If one looks at religious scriptures (speaking for Christianity) one would see that most of the time it backs up the disadvantaged groups. Until such a time comes, when equal distribution of wealth is possible, the world will become a worse place without religion.

    Posted by: para

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