• Respect is overrated

    I love respect but respect doesn’t love love and respect doesn’t need to love respect or respect it for love. I respect love but I do not love respect. I respect the love of respect but love is not needed to respect and respect is not needed to love. Must I say more?

  • You can love with out respect

    Through the years I've noticed things that make me respect my husband less aND less. That's just because when he makes poor decisions on what I think make you respectable as a man, he isn't matching the idea I had in my head. Is it fair. ... No not exactly. But the fact is, I love him. I would die for him but respect idk

  • Yes you can love with no respect.

    Yes I'm talking about a spouse , let's say your marriered for over twenty years built a life and raised a family. Then one commits an unthinkable act and destroys the trust. You would not forget about the previous 20 plus years, you can still love the other and not respect them. With that said the marriage would still be over, because you can still love them but not be in love with them moving forward. You would need respect to move forward .

  • Yes - but only to domestic animals.

    'To love him and not respect him, is to keep him as a domestic animal.' (Mencius 13.37) It is possible to love someone without respecting him or her. In this case, you feed him/her and provide him/her with comforts, but do not recognise his/her value in relation to yourself. That is the case with pets.

  • On can doesn't need the other.

    Respect does not need love. There is more admiration with respect than love. Love is a deep personal connection. Admiration is appreciating a person's hard work and achievements. This is often what we feel when we respect someone. Love and admiration can be mistaken because of their similar meanings. Now love without respect is near impossible. Respect is a critical part of any relationship ex: platonic, mentor. When loving someone you respected them and it grew. Love is not love without respect it almost completely rendered useless

  • Yes, it is possible to have love absent respect.

    Many of us have people we love in our lives because of a connection that is simply and either by blood or obligation. We can love and not respect a person because we do not have to agree with a person's lifestyle or choices in order to love them. IMO, we can have no respect for a person and still care for them and for what happens to them and their life.

  • Love and Respect Differ

    Love is in many case unconditional. Love without respect is quite often seen in close friends and family, where even if one person makes poor decisions for themselves, they still have the love of others. For example, a parent may be disappointed in their child for exhibiting poor judgment, but they will almost certainly not stop loving them.

  • Mosy men prefer respect over love & most woman prefer love over respect.

    Naturally, Men understands respect & Women know how to love. So, in a relationship between men and women they both project what they need as to fulfill the other partner because that is what one needs. Men respects his wife and women loves her husband. At the beginning, it is great because its still something rather than nothing. But when time goes by, man feels like no matter how much he respects his wife she just dont get it and feels disrespected he doesn't say anything but his actions shows something. In respect its all about actions. Wife feels like no matter how much she loves him he never really show love to her the way she wants it. She asks him "do you really love me?" He can't believe she is asking him because he is trying so hard (respect) and gets up and leaves to avoid yelling. She feels even more unloved by his actions and feels lost all alone. He comes back and tells her he loves her and the rest is a mystery. She probably thinks he is just saying that and he thinks she is a narcissist. But, if they are both good people with a good intention, it gets even worse. She starts to fight for her marriage by even showing more love and he shows her by respecting her more. The more she loves, the less respects she shows him. The more he respects her the less he shows her love. They both become desperate in starved to death. If they dont get divorce by now or kill eachother, they live for their kids or maybe gets it and be happy, or just keep their promises (for better or for worse). Women loves to hear I love you, men like to hear thank you.
    Women loves affection, men likes sex.
    Women loves to be held, men like to hold.
    Women loves to talk to her man, men likes to show his wife.
    Woman need love, men need respect.
    Love, can get loud, and act as disrespectful, Respect, can be quite and shows as it doesn't care.
    Most men would say no-love without respect (love is earned). And most woman say no-respect without love (respect is earned). What we need is priority for us and should be free and unconditional. "Dady loves me no matter what" and you forget you respect him no matter what. But your own daughter respects her father more than her husband. Or your son is less respected by his wife.
    Man respects his kids & Woman love her kids.
    Man should demonstrate love to his wife. Woman respect her wife
    If a man understands this and shows love to his woman regardless of her flaws (unconditional love) in her way of understanding; respect will grow in her and he will love her even more.
    If a woman knows respect in the way he wants to be respected and respect him unconditionally; she will grow love in her man.

  • Respect and love are two different things.

    For those that need to believe that love cannot exist without respect, the easiest way to distinguish love from respect is to think of someone that you know that is highly competent, very capable of performing, highly professional and reliable, yet you don't have any feelings of affinity for them. All of the aforementioned attributes are "respectable" qualities, yet you can admire someone without loving them. Love itself is a powerful emotion, and often folks find that they are bound to loving feelings for someone that has betrayed them, for example. Folks that have had the experience of having these powerful feelings for someone who may have once been "worthy" of their love, but has since made different choices in their life, understand that these powerful feelings don't have a convenient "switch" that you can just turn on and off. If you consider the reality of the situations as described above, you can more easily understand that love and respect are independent of each other.

  • Love cannot exist without respect

    Respect is an important part of love, We cannot love any person without respecting them, We respect small children as well for their good behaviours and yes repsect doesn't necessarily mean that love have to be involved but love just cannot exist without respect, Respect sanctifies love

  • Passion, Desire, Can exist without respect. You can like someone don't respect at all. Not love. Love is necessarily based on respect, Ask any psychologist.

    It is a banal word for some, You may say "i LOVE ice cream'
    or 'they are making love'
    but the feeling of love itself is a very sophisticated one, You need a bunch of steps to get there or even understand it.
    There is also different projections of love, As your love for your mom or your daughter can not be compared, The measure and meaning of the connection is different
    the love your mom has is very different from the love you dad has and how it manifests itself. They are not necessarily stronger or weaker than one another, Same as different boats travel better in different waters, But they are still boats.
    On the other hand, You can clearly like your mother or daughter better than the other one, You can even put down some arguments on why, Maybe even quantify that
    it is energy that glass and heat are not the same, As someone pointed that love and respect are distinct from each other
    if you have a bunch of sand in your hand you need to do something with it before it turns into glass (pressure, Heat. . . )
    I am not saying this as a romantic crazy dude that thinks that love is everything or that you necessarily need it, Just saying that if you think you can truly love something without respecting it you are fooling yourself, Possible to justify the fact that you need to work on that aspect of your life.
    You can respect a country, For example, And not love it
    on the other hand, If you love your country you know damn sure you respect it and you will feel like shit if you don't

  • No since respect is my basis of love

    Even with a dog I used to have, I respected her for her forgiving nature. She was just so submissive to every creatures around and very loving towards pretty much everyone. That's when I put her above all my other dogs.

    With person, a friend has to possess a trait of decency in some way for me to stay friends with them. To approach and get to know me first shows enthusiasm to know me; earns my respect. To talk to my first after we have a fight shows you care very much about me; earns my respect. If I have a significant other who happens to cheat on me and in the end I still remain with him, that doesn't mean I love him without respect, it means I still have a great deal of respect for him even after he made a grave mistake.

  • Not At All

    You can't love without having respect. The biggest reason is that if there is not any respect there will be no trust following the respect. There for I think if there is no respect there will be no trust, and if there is no trust there will be no love.

  • It depends on the act and level of hurt that caused the loss of respect to be lost

    The respect that is lost is the key. If a person does something like adultery or cheating, those acts are the ultimate disrespectful acts and therefore love is shattered. Can it be repaired, yes but not easily. No on the other hand if someone, chooses to lie rather then be truthful about something the other partner wouldn't agree with, I believe that should not cause a complete loss of respect and therefore love can survive

  • No its not

    I just broke up with my boyfriend 15 days ago,until now its still painful knowing that i had to let him go because theres no respect anymore. In relationship without respect you cant be completely happy. I lost my self confidence and i found myself so little by the way he treats me , its not love anymore . He just want me to suffer and still treat me like an animal . No respect is no connectio

  • Don't Confuse Idealization with Love: Respect is A Means and Love is the Consequence.

    Respect is a moral means. A parent with a newborn child could not love that child if they didn't give them the dignity that should be afforded to any living person, or other animal, to be fed, bathed, clothed, provided shelter, and kindness. The consequence of this basic behavior towards others is what we, in one sense, call love; and what I call the most basic form of it. Love is a consequence and not a means. I think too often we get it in our heads an ideal of what we want from other people and therefore we will use our "love" as a tool, a bargaining chip, to get something from that other person, adult, child or a stranger. However to truly love someone isn't possible if you strip them of their autonomy and or fail to value them as a person of equal standing regardless of their state of autonomy. "Lack of respect is shown when individuals' considered judgments are rejected, their ability to act on their judgments is denied, or information is withheld that is necessary to make a thoughtful, considered judgment when there is no compelling reason to do so"(http://learn.Yale.Edu/hsp/module_1/2_respect.Asp). Loving someone with the expectation that they will love you back is neither love or respect, it's idealization. It is simply not possible to love someone without treating them with respect, because respect is a fundamental aspect of love. You can always have affection for someone without respecting them, you can care for someone because you have a legal duty to do so and not love them. In other words the means don't necessarily take you to the conclusion of loving a person. Thinking someone is super attractive, maybe they tell good jokes, are a straight A student in the case of a child, are a great kisser, sexually attractive, or fulfill some other image you've created of them, whatever the case, this is only an attraction. Attraction is independent of respect and is only a part of love that I think people confuse with being love itself instead of only a means in the same way respect is only a means. A slave owner may care for their slaves the way a parent may a newborn child but they cannot be said to "love" their slaves because their reason for caring for their slaves isn't one of a respect for persons.
    Please watch this lecture by Michael Sandel, the clip should start from 45:26 where he talks about respect as a moral means.

  • Love needs respect

    It is not possible to have love without respect. I believe that respect is a component of love, whether romantic, familial etc. To truly love someone is to respect them, to admire them and their abilities. My children attend a dojo where they define respect as "to make yourself and others feel happy and special" and that is what you do when you love people.

  • No Love Without Respect

    In my opinion, there is no way to have love without respect. To love a person means to care about and enjoy a person so much that he or she appears to be limitless. When a person is disrespected, he or she is not cared for. If a person truly loves someone else, he or she also respects that person. Having a little respect is all love is.

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