Is it possible to judge the people of a country just by what we've heard about their country?

Asked by: Arezu
  • So long as we don't care about knowing the truth

    If you do not care about knowing whether your judgement is accurate or not, it is absolutely possible to pass judgement based upon hearsay alone. An intellectually honest person would not base their opinion solely upon anecdotal evidence but that does not mean it is not "possible" for them to do so. If the hearsay is true it is even possible that an unfounded judgement may actually turn out to be be correct, by accident of course. (A type 3 error)

  • Of course it's possible

    You see people do this judging all the time. Can we be sure the judging is accurate? No. Would the judging be better if you were actually there or knew people there? Yes. Is it completely invalid to judge people of another country? No. For instance Mauritania still has slaves. You'd be irresponsible not to judge them for that.

  • Dont discriminate based on gossip

    You can judge gossip said about another country. You can only judge what you know about.
    Its impossible to judge an entire country since they are so big. You can judge parts of a country based on your expirence in that country. Their is good and bad people in every country.

  • It's called stereotyping

    If e erroneous followed this scheme. I would think all Americans are fat, racist, greedy people. I would think all British people are ridiculously posh, all go to Cambridge or Oxford, all like tea and wear suits and top hats. I would think all French people are mimes who like cheese and baguettes. I would presume all Canadians like maple syrup and are unbelievably nice.
    This is all offensive and incredibly rude thing to even presume a person should be judged the country they are from

  • It is impossible.

    Firstly, as a lot of news does not show the true faces of countries, we are not even sure about the country, let alone its ppl. Not every sources are reliable.
    On the other hand,there are many things in the world that we are not aware of, we cannot judge others according to our belief.

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