Is it possible to live in a completely non-judgemental world?

  • Yes, But no.

    It is possible, But not realistic. Anything is possible, However living in this type of world is highly unlikely. We use judgment to stay alive, So in this type of society, Most of us would be dead. We'd have to be genetically modified for this to happen as free will is an erratic and uncontrollable variable, And we would probably have no notion of civilization or anything else, As we will have no sense of judgment whatsoever.

  • We'd end up getting killed in five seconds flat.

    Living in a completely non-judgmental world is something we can look at very literally, and realize that no, it's not possible. We need to make thousands of judgments every day about everything, like "is it safe to cross the street?" to "Is this person morally inferior?" Living without judgment is a quick route to an early grave, you'd be ignoring self preservation.

  • No, there will never be a non-judgmental world.

    There are too many varying opinions that people have, depending on upbringing, culture, and the like for there to ever be a world where we don't sometimes judge one another. And, even if we did away with all of those, people would still be judgmental over the smallest of details, like the way someone else is dressed or the way they have their hair cut. While we can all work to be as nonjudgmental as we can, and should work at it, there's no way it will ever disappear.

  • No, we have to make judgments.

    No, it is not possible to live in a completely non-judgmental world, because living in the world requires a person to make judgments on a daily basis. A person cannot even eat breakfast without deciding what is best for them to eat at that given moment. They have to decide what is best for them to do with their day. We make judgments all the time. It is unavoidable.

  • No it is not.

    It is not possible to live in a non-judgemental world. The world is filled with people and with people comes opinions and bad behaviors. We are not perfect and were not made to be. If we were not supposed to think for ourselves we would not have been made with a brain.

  • Not Even In The Mind

    I believe it is human nature for people to judge each other and even themselves. I believe people tend to judge themselves just as much as other people, therefore I believe it is impossible to live in a non-judgemental world. Even if a person was isolated, I believe they would still judge themselves.

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