Is it possible to live with honesty in todays world???

Asked by: pure_devil310897
  • Dare not tell a lie

    Honesty is vital, especially today. Facts are more readily available to the general public today. I realize there is false information lingering in the same sources, but when a person does a bit of research they can narrow down what is true and if someone is being honest. Mental instability is symptomatically an inability to distinguish reality from illusions, dishonesty encourages instability. Being meddled with in this manner naturally offends and inspires reluctance to further interact with the dishonest. The more dishonesty, the less interaction which will generate stagnation. As social creatures dishonesty is a bane on any medium used for growth and prosperity. Achieve it dishonestly and eventually it will have to collapse on principle alone.

  • Honesty starts with self

    Being honest with others is secondary. First of all you have to be honest with your own self. If you are conscious enough about the first one, the compliance to the second one is automatic.

    Being honest is the basic premise on which this world still rests. If honesty was not practiced by majority of us, then chaos would rule as most of the transactions that we carry out in a day needs honest approach. Just count the number of times when you see honesty in just a day. I'm able to see more of honesty and a very minute percentage of dishonest people.

    Just because few of us are dishonest doesn't mean that everyone should follow them and push this world into darkness.

  • Living with honesty

    Being honest is a trait that we all have the capacity to acquire. It is just a matter of sometimes facing the music and telling the rruth when it would be a whole lot easier to lie. Communication would be a whole lot more effective in the long run if honesty was a universal policy, because then people would only say things which they mean instead of untrue words. If we are more honest with each other then we could understand each other better. I agree that 100% honesty is not possible but, living with it deffinetley is.

  • Real honesty is not possible.

    Real honesty is not possible because the defining attribute of an honest person is that he never lies... This isn't possible because even if the "truth" you think you're saying is in your mind true, it's just your recollection of the real fact and has already been warped by your opinions, the time since said event happened and by how fast you experienced the event.

  • Not at all possible

    Now a days it is not at all possible to live with honesty. Honest people are bullied to a great extent
    Dishonesty is the chief component now a days. Straight trees always cut first. Sometimes being truthful isn't always the best. So according to me it is not at all possible.

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