Is it possible to love so much that it's dangerous?

  • Love often sets you back in your goals and aspirations.

    Anyone who has experienced it knows well that Love can undermine plans, goals, and, generally, considerations necessary to do well in a materialistic society such as ours. Very often those afflicted falls behind to others in matters dealing with wealth accumulation, career advancement etc. sadly, more often than not, women end up sacrificing a lot more than men as it seems that Love hits them harder.

  • Without a doubt

    I once heard a quote that said "Love is giving someone permission to break your heart, but trusting them not to". When you're truly in love with someone, at least in an emotional sense you're at their mercy. They have the ability to really hurt you- even if it's unintentional. Not being able to control your feelings (or the extent of them) means you're very vulnerable. On the other hand, if you do truly love your partner then it's a risk worth taking in my opinion.

  • We can love things that are bad

    It is possible for people to love or crave things that are very bad for them so that it is dangerous. One example is being in love with an abusive partner or even being in love with a certain type of drug. Sometimes we don't always know what is good for us.

  • Yes, loving too much is possible and can be dangerous.

    Loving someone is a special feeling to experience. However, in some cases loving someone too dangerous can become harmful. If you love a person that is dangerous to you and your future, it can be very difficult to get away from that person. This can be dangerous to your well being.

  • Love is an emotion

    Any emotion, in too high of a concentration, is dangerous and damaging to someone, and love is no exception. Love produces a huge amount of chemicals in the brain and hormones throughout the body, ultimately forcing people to ignore judgment or rational thought for blind decision making and vague thoughts.

  • Too much love is an Awesome thing, So its not for the small hearted people.

    We all think of love in different ways the capacity of our hearts are in many ways are different amongst those who are in love, also the way we show our love is dependent on that persons style. I can only speak for myself personally, I don’t like jumping from one women to another as if love was a game and i welcome as much love as i can accept, because i have a big heart and love as much cuddle time and verbal communication as i can get. When I find that special person, then I show as much love as I can to reinforce my relationship and let that women in my life know I am not a player and she is always gonna be the highlight of my life, and if she can handle that constant attention that I love to give then she was meant for me.
    If you feel that someone is loving you too much, then your love for that person is not really love and that means you are not a touchy feely type of person in a relationship and for me that’s important. You don't have to stalk your partner every second of the day and yes you have to trust them because only god knows we all share some type of trust issues due to fear of loosing someone you are in love with, but i think that is part of being human whether some or all of us can admit it. So i think that if you feel that someones love for you is getting dangerous or toxic, then you really don't love that person that you thought you did or your heart is not big enough to accept the amount of love that is in front of and you feel smothered and overwhelmed. In a nutshell, you are probably not ready for commitment to one person ( Big Hearted ), but would rather date different people for sexual or other reasons ( Small Hearted ) and not ready to settle down.

  • No, I don't think it's love.

    We can say we love what or who is dangerous, but in most cases there is something else besides love at work here. We might want to acknowledge it as addiction or as a desire to take risk and survive it. Whatever it is, it is not exactly love, though we may call it that.

  • It is not possible to love so much that it's dangerous.

    It is not possible to love so much that it's dangerous. I think love is love and anything beyond that starts to become crazy. If you start hurting the person you are with, I think love is already gone from the relationship. Love can evoke jealousy and other limits if you are not careful but it should never get to that point.

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