• Yes, it is possible to overdose on marijuana.

    In the aftermath of recreational marijuana being legalized in Colorado, the Internet was awash with stories about people dieing from marijuana overdoses. These stories were false. The fact is that while it technically is possible to die from a pot overdose, it is extremely unlikely, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. With that said, too much marijuana causes many people to experience extreme anxiety and psychotic reactions.

  • It is possible to overdose on Marijuanna.

    An overdose is use of a drug in larger amount that it is regularly used, causing adverse reactions. By this definition, it is possible to overdose on Marijuana. However, the effects of overdose are generally mild and include anxiety, increased heart rate and paranoia. There are no known cases of fatal overdoses of Marijuana.

  • It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana.

    According to experts, the average person would need to digest at least 25,000 more times the amount of THC than what is consumed in a single ingestion of marijuana. Marijuana has a very calming effect on people. Some people actually consume it as a sleep aid. People would quite literally fall asleep before being able to consume enough marijuana to overdose.

  • Never heard of it happening

    Someone overdosing on marijuana is not something I have ever heard of happening. I can not honestly see it happening either. Those high on marijuana are usually too mellow to do too much of it, as the munchies set in first instead. Overeating is far more likely to happen than overdose.

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