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  • We are all different

    No, I do not believe anyone can own the human blueprint. If there is a blueprint, then we all own it as a species. Since in reality, we are all different, the only blueprint you may be able to own is your own. In my opinion whomever created the human is the sole owner of the human blueprint and this depends on what the individuals beliefs are.

  • Are you serious

    No you can't own the human blueprint. Where do you get that there is a blue print for a human being anyways. The creator is the only one who has that magic human blueprint. No we can not duplicate everything that creates a human being through science and technology no matter what.

  • The Right to Life Without Ownership

    Over the past few years the debate over owning certain genetic blueprints or ‘designs’ for genetically modified plants, animals, and even synthetic chemicals has reached shifting tipping points. The key words and phrases in those instances are ‘modified’, ‘altered’, ‘cloned’, and ‘synthetic’. All of those words are synonymous with something unnatural through change caused by man. Human DNA is a complex system of pairings of amino acids along a double-helix structure that is as individual as a snowflake. Even identical twins do not have perfectly identical DNA. If then, human DNA is so unique, then in order to make a blueprint that would cover a vast number of humans it would need to be either modified, altered, cloned, or synthetic in nature which begs the question is the creation still maintaining of all its humanity. While it might be possible to own detailed descriptions of specific strands of DNA that are human blueprints or patents of blueprints for genetically modified humans that are all similar, a singular human blueprint does not exist (for that matter, a singular blueprint for any living creature does not exist as no living creature is perfectly identical).

  • Own the human blueprint

    I dont think that it would be possible to own a human blue print because that would mean you would have to have every indication of that persons body and and type of scars and so on and not everyone is alike so they would all be different and it would be complicated

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is possible to own the human blueprint. I believe the study of DNA has become quite advanced and we have a lot of knowledge about the way humans come together, but that doesn't mean that knowledge should be owned, it should be opened to anyone.

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