• Yes, God definitely exists

    Does EVERYTHING require 'scientific' proof? Wake up people! Numerous unexplained happenings coupled with the sheer complexity and near perfection of the universe could prove His existence. For example, how the Earth is placed perfectly from the Sun, enough to warm us, but enough as not to burn us. How the human mind is capable of so much. How all the elements in the world were formed.

    God is amazing.

  • Yes, there are several ways to prove it.

    God is not a physical being. You don't prove his existence in the way you would a physical phenomenon. You look for the evidence of his works affecting the course of your life.

    If you see such evidence once or twice in your life you can write it off as coincidence. If you see it so frequently that you regard it as normal, you have proof of a cosmic force at work in your life.

    Using myself for an example, I find myself being the writer of a very involved philosophical novel series, after having been ejected from 8th grade as a total illiterate, with a prognosis of never amounting to anything. Writing being the last thing anyone would have expected me to take up.

    I never took any further education, but for some inexplicable reason people tell me I write very well, and the ideas I express seem to be coming from someone who's been to college. I've had people read my stuff, look me straight in the eye and say, "It's impossible that you wrote this."

    There is no logical explanation of me other than a set of seemingly strategic little arrangements that had me traveling in just the right circles at just the right times, listening to just the right music, reading just the right books, having just enough money and access to just the right resources, While at the same time suffering accidents and handicaps every time I tried to move in opposition to this Force.

    And what's in this novel series that's so remarkable? Ideas that just hit me out of the blue when I'm writing. I don't know where they come from. I assume they come from the same force that bent over backwards to see I got the skills to write them down.

    When you can't get away from an awareness that everything happening in your life has a common purpose, you've proven the existence of something. I'm not religious and not inclined to try defining it. So I call it The Force. But it's also what I think of when anyone talks about God.

    Now, if you want to prove God scientifically, you can do that too. Look at the code in the DNA. It's a highly advanced organic computer code on which we now know how to store standard computer files. Who wrote it? Nature? What is Nature but a synonym for God?

    Then there's quantum physics and unified field theory, which looks a lot like what I was taught God was in my youth. The very existence of science is proof that something exists which creates, refines and gives law.

    So, can you prove God? Yes. Can you understand him? Not really. There's stuff in the universe we're just not in a position to see well enough to understand. But we sure can feel the effects of it.

  • No, it is not possible to prove that a God exists.

    No, it is not possible to prove that a God exists in my opinion. To have proof that God exists would have to come from a scientific method and that is impossible. No matter how many people in the bible claim that he exists, none of them have scientific proof for it.

  • The Lord exists

    God is real and exists, all you need to do is get on your knees and cry out to him the very one who gave you life. Ask him to show you and he will. No need for scientific proof, for he is beyond science, all sciences. He is the Lord.

  • Reality doesn't need a creator. This is proved by infinite regression.

    Existence apparently allows for at least one thing to exist without being created according to the bible: god.
    This means it's possible for our known reality to exist without a creator.

    But even if god does exist, you can't prove there is only 1 true god.
    You can't even prove the god of the bible is not actually Satan posing as god, and deceiving us into worshiping itself.

    Posted by: JRF
  • It is not possible to prove that God exists.

    It is not possible to prove that God exists. I am sure that someone would have done that by now if it was at all possible. That is one thing in life that we do not have any control over and maybe one day we will find out if it is true or not.

  • Not For Us

    It is not possible for humans to prove that a God exists. However, if that God would like to prove to us that he does exist, he holds that powers. I have to say, if he's out there, he's hiding quite well. Or maybe we just can't see him. None the less, if we could prove we would have already done so.

  • Proving God Not Possible

    Proving that a God exists is virtually impossible. There is no way that human beings can prove the existence of a God through science or any other means. Even a revelation of some super-being or god-like entity would be difficult to actually prove beyond a reasonable doubt in today's world.

  • Its been tried for eternity

    Philosophers, theologians and scientists have debated the existence of God for almost the entirety of human thought, but ultimately the idea is impossible to prove or disprove completely (just as many concepts are). Ultimately, death is the only time people will find anything out, at which point, we'll never know.

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