• Stop Government Spending

    It is possible to save the economy, but it must be done by cutting back government spending and letting private investment drive economic growth. In order to create that atmosphere, investors will require some degree of regulatory certainty to ensure growing and creating businesses will be worth the investment, but in the current regulatory environment, that is a troubling thought.

  • Make tough choices.

    Yes, it is possible to save the economy, because we can contract our spending which would help a lot. We spend more than we take in. Most of the spending is on domestic programming. If we spent less than we took in, and reduced government regulations, the economy would thrive.

  • Yes, all things are possible.

    Yes, I think it is possible to save the economy. We have to help by reducing what the amount of gas we use what product we buy. This always happens and every thing will right itself in about a decade or so. Just be patient spend less and make responsible choices.

  • You Can't Save It

    I do not believe it is possible to save the economy. I think the economy has to fix itself and it does that with time. I think we're expecting too much, too soon. Economically depression seem to get worse when you try to do too much change the system. Leave it be and it will revive itself. It's not a matter of "saving" it.

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