• It already happened in various countries.

    If you want to marry, You don't have to do it in church, But in front of the township. Chruch is ceremonial entertainment, Only for people who want it. Not everyone is religious. So saying that marriage and religion should mix, Is forcing your religion on others, Which is wrong.

  • Indeed it is

    Essentially, marriage is the declaration of two people that they wish to join their lives together. Their reasons for doing so will vary from couple to couple (as each marriage is unique) and for some, these reasons won't include religion. If the couple want religion to be a part of the ceremony that's their decision, but it's not a necessity. I believe it's a positive step that society is moving away from the traditional religious notion of marriage, as it was highly sexist and homophobic (not recognising gay couples as being able to marry and insisting that women "obey" their husbands). I'm not saying all religious ceremonies are like that, but regardless yes- marriage can certainly exist without religion.

  • Marriage and religion is not the norm anymore

    As a person who has been married l, I can easily say that marriage and religion don't need to go hand in hand. If you love someone you are going to do anything for them. Plus if you have conflicting religions and haven't said anything about it before you for married that's not smart.

  • Yes, it is possible to separate religion and marriage.

    Marriage is an institution that is not attached to religion. A marriage certificate and legal status of marriage is recognized by the state, even if a religious marriage takes place, paperwork needs to be filed with the state to be regarded as a legal marriage. The purpose of marriage has historically been a contract or legal transfer of property, and currently is used by the state to determine poperty rights and legal decisions and for tax purposes.

  • Marriage and religion belong together.

    It is not possible to separate religion and marriage. This is because marriage is so fundamental to religious life. God bringing people together in holy matrimony, and what the Bible says about man and woman being together in union makes marriage and religion two inseparable topics. If we did not have these two, our society would not function properly.

  • Religion and marriage cannot be seperated

    Religion and marriage cannot be separated and that is because marriage is based on religion. In many cultures, including Christianity, marriage is what unites a man and women, and it is very solid in most religions around the world. I believe the true meaning behind marriage is that of the religion, which is what gives meaning to the married couples to begin with.

  • Personal convictions should influence who you marry

    If you're convicted in what you believe, it will affect the way you interact with your partner. You can't honestly believe you're going to heaven and may someone who, according to your beliefs, is going to hell. How does that make sense? And as for me, I'm agnostic, but I couldn't marry someone who believed I was going to hell, or worse, claimed they were religious but never tried to convert me and save my soul.

  • It's a foundation.

    No, it is not possible to separate religion and marriage, because people who do not agree on basic things are not likely to stay married. Religion is one of those things, as well as money and family. Also, many religions have a great deal to say about marriage, so someone would be violating their religion by marrying outside of their faith.

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