Is it possible to separate the peaceful believers (of any religion) and its extremists without condemning the religion itself?

Asked by: republicofdhar
  • Condemn The Radical, Not The Religion

    If you were born into a Muslim family, you would probably now be a Muslim. If you were born into a Jewish family, you would probably now be a Jew. If you were born into a Christian family, you would probably now be a Christian, etc. Each religion indoctrinates and conditions its own flock...To think that their religion is the correct one...And who is to say that it isn't? All religions that promote peace, love and compassion for our fellow man are equally correct and valid

  • It's human nature.

    This is an age old problem and it will never change. There are extremes in all religions, politics, and cultures. It isn't difficult to identify them. It's simply the human condition. Radical behaviors are found in Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, LGBT activists, PETA activists... Just to mention a few. Whatever cause it is there are, and will always be extremists who take it just a little too far.

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AstridDragonSlayer says2014-10-22T01:00:49.017
Possibly. Yes, if the religion itself does not endorse extremism. The answer is no, however, if the religion (its holy writings or original teachers) does endorse extremism.