• Equality to races

    Everyone should be treated equal. Everyone is equal and people should be able to show the differences between fairness and unfairness. Do to this we had slaves now we don't and that is fair enough to prove that it is easy to show not just equality but kindness to others.

  • I believe it is possible to show equality in different races.

    Racial equality has been driven from many types of races that strive for equality. I believe with hard work and patience that equality will be achieved. The road to equality will take time, maybe a few more generations to come, but I have full faith in humanity that equality of races will be achieved successful sometime in the future.

  • Yes, it's possible to show equality in race.

    Yes, I believe it is possible to show equality in race, but only to a certain degree. For instance, though the US has moved on from slavery and racial segregation, it also moved into a phase of affirmative action and giving reparations. Because of the horrors suffered by African Americans during the times of slavery, African Americans now benefit from more student grants and sometimes easier acceptance in colleges (just as some Native Americans do). There is an argument to be made that, by trying to be fair to all races and by helping African Americans now, we are alienating other races and moving back to the ages of racial inequality, so there will never be a PERFECT equality of race, but it is important to strive for that perfection.

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