Is it possible to sit on a subway seat without man spreading?

Asked by: frio937
  • Quit your whining.

    Sorry that my junk is on the outside. I apologize on behalf of evolution for creating men and women different. Grow up and quit whining.

    The amount of guys that spread their legs to an amount that makes it impossible to sit next to them is the same as the amount of women that place their handbags on the seat next to them.

    Guys that sit with their legs a foot apart aren't harming anyone, get over it.

  • Yes to spread

    In my opinion to which I have collected. It is not necessary to manspread on the subway/bus. Such situations as people crowding into the vehicle may cause a man to not spread out of courtesy. However, it is uncomfortable and frankly not a big issue if a man wants to sit comfortably, that should be respected

  • I have been attempting to sit with my legs together for 2 hours with no success.

    When on a moving train I do not think I would have the balance to keep myself up straight. My hips seem to be too thin while my upper torso seams to be too broad. I am not worried about crushing anything as I have a fairly high pain threshold as I am wondering if it is purely physically possible without falling over while the subway is moving and jerking down the lines.

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