• Legalize All Drugs

    Take the money from the bad guys. Use the money to combat addiction. Education, Clean drugs, Safe havens etc. Don't lock up non-violent addicts rather send them to long term care facilities to help them cope. Crush dealers! All this will reduce relapse, Homelessness and separate non-violent persons from real criminals.

  • It can be won

    It has to be made so unprofitable for the drug dealers and kingpins that they close up shop. If you can stop it with bullets, putting people in prison. Then hit them in the wallet. Becoming financially ruined is more effective to force any organization to change their habits what ever they are. Or you can get them the way they got Al Capone with tax evasion. There are no technicalities that you can us to legally get out of paying your taxes. There are tax writ offs but you still have to pay your taxes.

  • Spreading awareness and enforcing parental guidance enhancements needed!

    Deglamourizing drug use has been used greatly in the past as a deterrence technique and that was the wrong approach. I believe in teaching facts regarding the harmful effects of ALL illegal drugs is the best arsenal. Teach our youth the facts and they will include that in their decision to, or not to use. I believe that not just kids but the general public are being lied to and misled more than they should. Trust is the key in any negotiation. Heroin is the most popular drug and indeed the most harmful, not just by per-capita. How can it be the most harmful yet be the most popular? Something is definitely wrong here.

  • We can Win but we have to be willing to spend the money needed

    In 1941 the US found it self at war with Japan and Germany. We felt that the US we in real danger of losing the war and therefore we spent a huge percentage of our GDP on the war. We were willing to accept significant hardships at home. These hardships included the draft and rationing of certain items including gasoline. We were also willing to cut the education budget.

    We were willing to spend about 40% of our GDP on the war. We do not spend any where near that amount on the war on drugs today. I believe that if we were willing to spend 40% of our GDP on the war on drugs we could win.

  • Represion doesn't work

    Drugs should be integrated in society and not forbidden , when it's made illegal the profits gained in the supply chain our enormous .. With so much people iin this world facing economic difficulties , it's verys easy to find people who want to risk everything to make money .. Repression is only fuel for more violence ...

  • It's a part of who we are.

    Look at organisations such as Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( MAPS) and similar. People have always felt lied to by governments in regards to drugs. Since the Indigenous Shamans human beings have had an inherent desire to exepriment with altered states of consciousness, there is a purpose in it. The sooner the governments acknowledge it and start controlling the quality of what people get, the closer to the truth we will be, and the better for everyone...Literally everyone.

  • It's not just a war on drugs. Drugs are just the outer layer to a problem deeper than we realize

    The DEA has a success rate less than 1 percent, drugs can and are made at home, prescribed and legally sold, there's legitimate ways around the system, millions use of all races, countries despite socioeconomic status. Drug dealers make a lot of money, there intelligent, there's a myriad of ways to sneak and smuggle and use, addiction is an illnesss and there will always be a demand there will always be a supply. We need to accept it and stop wasting billions fighting something that can be invisible to a police officer next to you who cannot see through your pocket or into your car. Introduce harm reduction and accept it's always going to be an issue and let's put that money to treatment centers because millions cannot afford treatment. Why give it to a government agency that serves our population at a rate that fails 99 percent of the time.

  • Kill All Users

    In order to end the war on drugs there is only one way to do it. The government needs to release poisonous forms of drugs into the system. Then once people start realizing that the drugs are poisonous they will stop taking the drugs. That is how you end drug use

  • Nah coz money

    There is a market for it. My point has been made and I am now just using this as filler you don't need to read this because it has nothing to do with my point. Only 15 for words 11 more words 8 more words 5 more words and done.

  • This war will never end watch City of God

    As long as their is money to be made and people willing to sell these drugs no matter what the cost is the war on drugs can never be won it's always a cycle that repeats itself. And its unfortunate that their are countries who are stuck in this cycle for example Columbia. Cocaine has existed in Columbia since forever. Pablo Escobar one of most world renowned drug trafficker in Columbia. His cartel ruled most of Columbia and even years later their is still cartel's who are holding the same land as he did. The reason being because as long as their is kids that see this is a way to make easy money than this will never end. Also watch the movie City of God it will give you insight on how this cycle never ends

  • Money. Money money

    Lots and lots of money. Unimaginable amounts. On both sides of the fight. The blood will flow, the politicians will argue. This is a system entrenched in society. And it's just money. Simple and it works. The drug cops are chasing their own tail, organized crime gets more sadistic, addicts will continue to die. You want it to stop? It will.. When the asteroid comes our way.

    Remember folks. It's just tons of money and opportunity. On both sides.

  • It's not possible to win the war on drugs at this time.

    I believe at this time trying to win the war on drugs is not a winnable war but it's one that needs to be fought. The demand for drugs is too high and too easy to get legal or illegal drugs. Because People sneak drugs in the USA all the time. And others are selling prescription drugs and making drugs in home made labs. This is an ongoing fight hopefully one day soon there will be more control over this.

  • Theres noo way!

    In America we have the experience of Prohibition (of alcohol) during the 1920's. This effort demonstrated to me that after a market is established for a product that is easily made, the government cannot stop people from getting it. The reason has to due with supply and demand: when the demand exists, someone will find a way to supply it. I see this in Madison where the police have instituted an extensive "Blue Blanket" program to patrol areas where drugs are sold and/or used. The initial success of the program drove up the price of cocaine in Madison until it was twice the price in Chicago. This has made Madison the location of choice for drug dealers from Chicago, who rent motel rooms here to sell. Some are caught every week but there are always more to take their place.

    And the US is the choice market for the drug dealers of the world because being illegal makes it more expensive- and Americans, even the "poor" have big bucks for drugs. A recent drug bust in Sommerset Circle (a poor welfare apartment complex in Madison) netted $60,000 worth of cocaine. When asked if this big catch would reduce the supply in the area, the police said no: that was just a typical weekend supply for that area.

    Some people think that the US "drug problem" is caused by NAFTA or other foreign deals. There was much complaining from various inner city "leaders" about how the CIA was thought to have brought various drugs into the inner cities (and presumably forced the people there to buy and use). But I think they are all misunderstanding the problem. While economics is "supply side" in many respects, the drug problem is "demand side". It cannot be "solved" by trying to limit the supply. There are poor farmers all over the world, from Turkey to Thailand to Colombia and Mexico and points between who can easily grow a wide variety of drugs that are illegal in the US.

    Supporters of restricting the growing of illegal drugs recently claimed that all ot the illegal drugs in the world are grown in an area that is less than half the size of the island of Puerto Rico. They see in this the chance to "wipe them out". I see this fact exactly the other way. If the entire world supply can be grown is such little space, they can never be stopped. There are always people who will find a way to grow inexpensive crops, and others who will get them to people who will pay a lot for them.

    Even the jails have drugs available in them.

    The jails in the US are so overcrowded with people in on drug charges that now murders, rapists and other violent criminals are being released for lack of space (especially in Florida). This is madness; drugs really do drive some people crazy. Legislators and judges.

  • It's not possible, because it's the wrong metaphor

    It is not possible to "win" the war on drugs, because calling it a war is the wrong approach. Drugs are not the enemy, and users of drugs are not the enemy. There are a lot of different drugs, and some of them have social benefits if used properly. The harms from using drugs improperly can be addressed by better education regarding proper usage and moderation, and by providing healthcare for people who have an addiction issue. Turning recreational users and addicts into criminals just causes higher costs for society. We should focus on good education about drug usage, helping people who have a problem, and focusing our enforcement efforts on people who combine drugs with violence or other socially undesirable behavior, such as tax evasion.

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