• It goes up and up.

    Yes, it is presently too costly to attend college, because it costs as much as it costs to buy a house. What 18-year-old has the money to buy a house? Also, with no guarantee that a person will be able to get a better job when they graduate, there is no reason for a person to undertake such a shaky venture.

  • Yes, its out of control

    The cost of college is far higher then it should be. If you look at some schools out west, they are pennies on the dollar compared to the schools in the east. I think they should be merited by private sectors for the research and students they produce. Its not up to the government right now to solve this issue.

  • Yes, it is too expensive.

    It has gotten to the point where tuition, even without counting the room and board and books, is just too costly for most families and most students. It is even hard to be a part time student, which used to make education accessible. Many would do well to gain a skill and then work part time and study part time and start at community colleges.

  • Yes, it is.

    College cost way to much for the average human being. A person should not have to pay a huge amount when the colleges already receive an enormous amount of money from tuition alone. The cost needs a major reduction so more people can afford higher education for a better life.

  • There are cheap colleges.

    It is not presently too costly to attend college. A lot of students overlook community colleges, which are fully accredited and recognized throughout the country. In addition, the first two years transfer to many large universities fully. Four-year schools can be costly, but going the cheapest public route makes them a good deal.

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