Is it racist to believe that prejudice against white people is more acceptable than against other races

  • Racism against white people is still racism.

    If you discriminate people based soles on their skin colour that is racism. That is it. It doesn't matter if you are a black person discriminating against whites or a white person discriminating against blacks, It is still racism. As such, No one has to right to be racist against anyone for any reason, Period.

    And if we do believe that being racist against any other race is ok in any way, Then we are not taking a step forward but a step back.

  • Whites have thin skin

    Every day I hear the most insensitive and low key snide remarks and disrespect from white people about blacks and mexicans.
    Like they do not value hard work. They do not have a father. They are dumb and are weak and they are all on welfare. Or they are very perverted.
    Anytime you challenge a white person or call them out they play the victim. The police man armed with a gun says That person was very scary I had to shoot him. Or I am not racist you are anti white.
    Or do not fire me because that is racism.
    Or I am too nice to be sent to jail please do not send me to jail.

    White people suffer from some victim persecution complex which is why they are so paranoid and fearful that everyone is out to get them. They should not become police officers and should not have jobs if they are such wimps.

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