Is it racist to call the virus "Wuhan virus" or "Chinese Virus"?

  • Aids is American virus then

    Aids did not come from Africa but it came from America. Lets call it the American virus. It was originally in San Fransisco but Americans spread it because they like to cheat and do it with everyone.
    Then the perverts went overseas and spread it to the world. Let everyone call it what it is.

    That is why it attacks a nation and instead of having a scientific name it becomes a slur.

  • Encourages violence in the community

    The term 'Chinese virus' encourages violence against those of Chinese descent, And while we must socially distance to prevent spread of the infection, We as a community must stay connected, Despite how cliche the phrase is we really are all in this together, And placing the blame on the country of origin does not change the risks posed to society by the virus, But poses more risks to the Chinese individuals of society, And those Chinese individuals cannot change the fact that the virus came from China, No matter how much you discriminate and attack them for it.
    If we were to call COVID-19 the Chinese virus, Let's call Swine flu, Yellow fever and so many other different diseases and infections just the American virus.

  • No se puede generalizar

    Generalizar por lo que unos pocos hacen sólo genera violencia entre la humanidad, Además hay que fijar la mirada más lejos, No es un accidente, Es un plan macabro del cabal que busca desestabilizar la economía del mundo para crear el NOW, Por tanto el engaño está en responsabilizar una nación de un plan generado por personas inescrupulosas que ni son de ese país.

  • Is Greek Yoghurt racist?

    The pandemic originated from China, That is a fact. Greek yogurt comes from Greece, Yorkshire pudding comes from Yorkshire, Eccles Cakes comes from Eccles, Cumberland sausage come from. . . . . . . . . . Yeah you get the idea. Are all these racist?

    Where do we stop? Twitter has already started censoring words, Enjoy your world where the thought police are spying, 2+2=4.

  • Lines on a map are just that lines!

    The geographical location is not a race or anything else its just a location and has zero to do with race. In China there are 56 different identifiable RACES of people and to claim that the one country represents one race and is the sole racial representation of this country is idiotic!

  • This is not racism

    Calling the Corona Virus or Covid 19 the either the "Wuhan virus" or "Chinese Virus" is not racist because that's where the virus originated from, (Wuhan, China). It's just as simply like calling for example calling A US citizen an American, There is nothing racist about it. The term Racism is arguably one of the most misused term in the English language. As according to Collin's Dictionary " Racism is the belief that people of some races are inferior to others, And the behaviour which is the result of this belief. Racism also refers to the aspects of a society which prevent people of some racial groups from having the same privileges and opportunities as people from other races. " Calling the Corona Virus or Covid 19 the either the "Wuhan virus" or "Chinese Virus" is not suggesting things such as the Chinese race is inferior or something to make Chinese people less privileged than other races. It's plain and simply stating where the virus is from. And it's the time regressive left start looking at what terms such as Racism and Sexism actually means instead using them to throw false and pointless allegations at people. Think about this way if someone is accused for be guilty of a crime, To be proven guilty true evidence must be presented to back up that claim if not they're not guilty. The case is same for the so-called "racists" if you can't prove they are actually racist they're not racist. Simple as

  • Not rascist at all

    This virus was started by china, So let it BE called the chinese virus. Its much easier to identify the virus as its own. If we called it the coronavirus, We could mistake it for SARS or other viruses. Its much easier to use as a name as well so ye.

  • The question debases the term"racist"

    Do people today have no comprehension of the meaning of the term "racist"? Up until recently the WHO named a disease after the location associated with the disease. The Spanish flu did not come from Spain, But the bulk of information about it came from Spain. Ebola was named for the area where it was discovered. The common cold could be called "229E, OC43, NL63, Or HUK1", But it would not be beneficial to do so. Calling the virus "Wuhan" or "Chinese" is simpler than calling it "Novel coronavirus SARs-CoV-2 " Perhaps people are too sensitive, And are willing to be complicatedly politically correct, Rather than being efficient in communication.

  • Puts the blame on who was responsible

    I believe that most people who use it are not racist. It all began when China stated the virus was manufactured by the US military, In response, Trump called it "Chinese Virus" and it angered China. After all, China were the ones who covered up the whole matter and shut down several labs and banned foreign reporters from investigations. Long before Trump took any action on the virus, The media (CNN, NY Times etc. ) have used phrases such as "Wuhan coronavirus" or "New Chinese virus"

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